Thursday 23 February 2017

The Best in Budget Technology

When it comes to making things better technology-wise around your home, it leaves no room to budget for it effectively. People are always striving for bigger and better, when actually we can make do with the basics or cheaper version of a gadget, or realistically we can survive without it at all - our ancestors certainly did, and they turned out alright.

However, if you truly need technology around your home - if it helps with childcare, your business or line or work or helps you upkeep your lifestyle, it can be a disadvantage to yourself to try and limit your use or the discovery of new additions. But as long as it’s as frugal as possible, what’s the problem…?

Fast Internet

The majority of us are operating from WiFi nowadays, using it to help us move remotely around the home. It’s certainly a  For the most part this is fine, but you may notice that you aren’t benefitting from the best download speeds available to you; for that you need to be connected to something rather than rely on it to travel through the air. Wiring your house efficiently enough to get everything done can be an absolute chore; the ideal situation would actually be to get a powerline adaptor, which can save on the costs of getting a professional out to get you all wired back up again and is an easy enough option to get you linked up to other networks in the house. Remember that wired connections are a lot more secure than WiFi, so it has more than just the one use of providing a faster speed for you.

Sonic Toothbrushes

Of course there were going to be advancements in other things that are useful around the house. Dentists recommend electric toothbrushes as they provide a more thorough clean, but it is the sonic power (so the higher concentration of sound vibrations - don’t worry, it’s impossible to hear fully with the human ear) which can help to fully dislodge plaque which is otherwise a dentist’s job to get rid of. Interchangeable heads bought in bulk could save a small fortune in the long run, and keep you from making as many regular dentist visits - basically because you won’t need to if your teeth are looking healthier. So it’s a bit of a long shot, but definitely worth the initial investment to save on future tooth-related spends.

Solar Energy Kits

You can now invest in portable solar energy kits that you can use on the move to charge things like your phone or your laptop. This is probably the most frugal option out there in terms of gadgets and energy - no longer will you be reliant upon charging from a home-based station, or even charging up your portable charger and using your paid-for electricity to do so  … let the sun do its natural and, most importantly, free work and provide you all the charge that you will need to keep you going when times start to get tough.   

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