Thursday 4 May 2017

5 Tips to picking out a sewing machine for kids

At a time when most kids would rather play with their touch-screen devices than learn new manual skills, it is inspiring to see kids who show interest in sewing. When your child expresses their desire to sew, support them with their newly-found interest by investing in a sewing machine. If you are planning to buy one, here are tips to help you find the best sewing machine for children.

  1. Invest in an easy-to-use machine. Simplicity of use is the first thing to look at when buying a sewing machine for children. Given that the machine will be used by young ones, it is important that the machine has all the safety features. Young sewers will appreciate quick threading and easy bobbin winding. See if the machine has a built-in needle threader, one-step buttonholer, and easy stitch selector. Does it have a speed control for the foot pedal? It is important that your child feels comfortable pushing on the pedal. These features will make sewing an easier task for them.

  1. Choose one that has many sewing options. Aside from the speed control, pedal or push button and thread-feeding, there are a few more important aspects to consider in buying a machine. Check if the sewing machine has excellent thread feeding and if it comes with several stitch options.  

  1. Consider the portability of the unit. Get a lightweight device that can be portable as well as stationary. Your kids might want to bring their machines to class someday. Giant and heavy machines can cause some serious damage to a child’s finger when used inaccurately.

  1. Check if it supports the power system in your country. There are machines that have all the features you need but they are not for use in countries that do not support 120-V AC. Sometimes, even a voltage adapter cannot solve the issue so you might want to check this before purchasing. On the other hand, there are 110V machines that are only designed for US and Canadian use.

  1. You may want to check if the product offers online support. It would be helpful if the unit comes with an instructional DVD aside from the manual. There are brands that have the online support for their products as well as social media support in case you need some tips when it comes to sewing.

Sewing is a good hobby for kids. Involving their hands in the learning process can have a positive impact on their brain development. It is a productive hobby that can benefit them in the long run, instead of allowing them too much screen time.

With hundreds or even thousands of sewing machines out on the market, it is impossible not to find one that fits your budget. In fact, you could buy budget sewing machines online. Sewing machines for kids range from $100-$300. There are even some that are less than a hundred bucks. If you are looking for quality machines that are relatively inexpensive, check out this list of kids sewing machines for reference. The machines were ranked based on positive reviews from the community as well as their overall features.  


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