Thursday 15 June 2017

4 Simple Ways To Keep Your Small Home Cool This Summer

Hands up if you live in a small home? That will be quite a lot of us, then. Whether it's by choice (a lot of people prefer a cozier pad) or circumstantial (houses are, by default, getting smaller), many people these days live in pint-sized homes. Although on paper this doesn't sound all that great, there are some advantages to a smaller home. Due to the lack of space, many of us stop hoarding quite so many unnecessary items, and small homes are typically warmer in the winter too. But when summer comes around, this is when everything changes. The changing season brings with it hot, humid weather - not exactly ideal when you're trapped in a stuffy, tenth-floor apartment. Sometimes this temperature can become unbearable, which is frustrating, as no one should be uncomfortable in their own home. If your pad is a little on the compact side and you're wondering how on earth you're going to stop it from roasting you in summer, don't fret! Here are some handy hints so you can stay cool and collected all summer long.

Avoid too many mirrors

A common theme in smaller homes is the inclusion of lots of mirrors.  We are all told that mirrors can help to make a small room look larger - but hold your horses before you install them left, right and center. Mirrors do an excellent job of reflecting the room back onto itself, but they also reflect light too. Which, in turn, can make your home even hotter. Only put the necessary mirrors in your home that you need, if keeping cool is a priority.

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Paint it white

The Rolling Stones told us to Paint It Black... but if you want to go from sweltering to stylish, you're ten times better off painting your home in paler colors. Darker colors tend to absorb heat, whereas lighter ones allow the sun's UV rays to bounce off them, therefore keeping your home's temperature much more regulated.

Get an A/C

Many small homeowners turn their noses up at installing air conditioning, merely for the reason that they think the units are too bulky. In fact, these days it is relatively straightforward to find an air conditioner that comes in a neat, compact package - so you don't need to worry about it taking up loads of room in your apartment.

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Open it up

Many properties, especially apartment blocks, are fitted with windows that only open to a certain degree. While much of the time this is done for safety reasons, you may want to consider changing these windows if you own the house you live in. A cool breeze on a hot summer's day can make all the difference, as can an open window at night time. Look into alternative window options that allow you to bring more air into your home - and if you have small children around, simply add some safety features that prevent them from clambering out.

In addition to these amazing tips for your small home I also adore this informative article as well. Enjoy!


  1. These are good tips, especially about the air conditioner. We have a floor model that's kind of bulky in the summer, but it can be put away for the rest of the year. Totally worth it.

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