5 Uniquely Simple Ways To Save This Month

Summer is on its way and that means lots of hungry kids at home costing you money each day. There are tons of ways to tackle this and I am sure you have read lots of money saving articles this week sharing all kinds of obvious tips with you, I am proud to say I have some tips that you may not have thought of or even read about online. Here is a great article to help you learn more about saving for your future.

1. Keep those kids outside. Screen time costs money and produces absolutely nothing in return so keep those kids busy outside keeping the electricity off so that when we get hit by the summer heat we can all enjoy some AC without breaking the bank.
Keep them busy by:

Arts & Crafts
Playing Games
Going For A Walk
Playing at A Park
Going To An Event

2. Grow a garden. It may seem late to get started but it isn’t, you can still plant a lot of plants in time for a late summer to early fall harvest. You can buy a lot of pre grown plants to get you going if you can’t start from seed and there are a million ways to garden from large yards to container gardening. You can even have a whole group of containers just filled with herbs on your front step, it will provide you with tasty freshness and you will spend time outside maintaining it. If you still need more tips on gardening this article is terrific and very informative! Another great article can be found here as well as this wonderful piece!

3. Ditch the car. This may be an easy switch for some or impossible for others but if you are able to walk or bike your kids to school do it. Not only do you save money on gas, mileage, and more but you help save the environment and encourage healthy choices for children. If you have to be at work right after dropping them off then why not walk to the store this week, or take a stroll out to dinner or a picnic in the park? Any way to ditch the vehicles is a good way.

4. Sell your old stuff before buying new. If you walked around the house and realized your kids haven’t touched that Dora set in a while try posting it online and selling it before buying anything new. We always try to sell before we buy or even check with sellers online to see if they are looking to trade items because believe it or not most parents are going through the same thing right now.

5. Use the BBQ, slow cooker or fire pit instead of the stove or oven. You can save a lot of money this year by not using your stove. It costs you when you’re cooking and if it’s hot out it will cost you while you’re cooling the house down making it a double dipper. There are a million recipes out there you can use in the slow cooker, BBQ, or fire pit giving you endless options to work with and there is nothing better than cooking outside or having dinner ready in the slow cooker when you come home.
I hope these money saving tips were a bit different than the usual culprits. For more tips on how to save, you can also visit the resource centre of Loan and Go.  

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