Thursday 8 June 2017

Affordable Activities For You To Enjoy With Your Kids This Summer

When school’s out for summer, the kids can become a little stir crazy if they’re not kept entertained and occupied. However, always finding things for your children to do can be exhausting, and, sometimes expensive. The following are some ideas that you can add to your summer holiday repertoire, to keep your little one’s smiles to a maximum (and your stress levels to a minimum). You’ll probably end up enjoying these plans more than the kids, so give them a go!

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Art And Crafts

Clear the biggest surface space in your home, sit everyone down, and get stuck in. You could go the more traditional route of using paints, colored pencils, and crayons to create some beautiful artwork; you don’t have to use loads of fresh paper either. You could recycle the back of old letters and envelopes, or source a bulk load of cheap sugar paper, that will see you through until next year. Cut some holes in a (clean) garbage bag and use it as an overall, so you’re not trying to remove paint stains all week.

If you have any old socks, the kids could figure out how to make animals, toys, and puppets out of them; you could find pieces of old string and ribbon, along with any buttons and pins, to decorate them with. Salt dough is another affordable way to get crafty; all you need is salt, flour, and water to create the dough (the kids will love this part because it’s messy). Once their little hands have made some cute animals and figures, you can bake them, and they’ll have something to display in their bedroom proudly. Check out some more art and craft projects for your kids here.

Outdoor Fun

The beauty of being outside, and playing with your kids in the fresh air, is they’ll use up way more energy than if they were sitting indoors and watching T.V all day. By ensuring your children spend ample time in the backyard or park; you’ll alleviate any boredom and restlessness come bedtime, ensuring they’ll sleep well and there’ll be a lower risk of temper tantrums.

You could even take your art and craft projects outdoors, and the kids could gain some inspiration from nature. For a more energetic option, get your kids in the garden this summer with these awesome activities, and prepare for the shrieks and giggling fits that are bound to happen.

Tasty Treat Making

To cool off after a long hot day out in the garden; the whole family will want to enjoy a cold ice lolly, and there are no better iced-treats than homemade ones. You can use soda and juice that you already have in the house to pop into ice lolly molds; or, you could create your own mold from plastic and paper cups, and a straw or popsicle stick that you’ve kept and washed previously. The kids can get inventive by adding berries and slices of different fruit to their creations, and they’ll be so excited to see the final, frozen results.

So, don’t worry about what to do with you little ones over the summer. Take a look around your house and start writing a list of things to do over different weeks, and you and your kids will have loads of fun, and make some great memories in the meantime.

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