Friday 30 June 2017

Easy, Cheap, and Simple Makeup Tips for Moms

Makeup can be a very powerful accessory and a full 86% of women find that makeup improves their self-image and confidence. However, it can be all too difficult to develop an easy and affordable beauty routine when you are a mom -- it's hard to wrangle your kids some days, let alone find the perfect lipstick color!

Well no worries, here are some tips and tricks on simple, practical, and affordable makeup tips that any mom can squeeze into her morning routine.

  1. YouTube is a Mom's best friend
    We can't all be professional makeup artists to the rich and famous. Most of us can't even be rich or famous. However, YouTube is full of helpful makeup tutorials for any occasion. When you don't have time for a makeup makeover at the department store, find some step-by-step YouTube videos and experiment with a new look.
  2. Focus on your eyebrows
    Well-groomed brows are the first step in looking put together. So if you can't do much else, at least try to trim, pluck, and fill in your eyebrows. A pomade works the best for this as it fills your brows and keeps them in place at the same time. And remember, the best eyebrows are sisters, not twins.
  3. Don't be afraid to wear glasses
    While it is easy to reach for your contacts every morning, glasses are the easiest accessory to hide tired eyes. Glasses don't have to be that expensive either, there are tons of discount glasses websites online you can use to get eyeglasses in ever color of the rainbow for less than $20.
  4. Invest in good facial wipes
    The best way to ensure you have radiant skin is to clean it every night. However, washing your face before bed is easier said than done. Investing in some good makeup removal wipes are a must, and can be found and bought in bulk at many discount stores.
  5. Dry shampoo is the best solution for a skipped shower or two, or three.
    Dry shampoo is cheap and easy to use. Simply shake up the can, spray it at your greasy roots and then fluff with your fingers. Baby powder also works in a pinch, and you most likely have some of it laying around!
  6. A red lip matches everything
    It doesn't have to be dramatic, you can choose a lip gloss or a matte lipstick, anything you'd like as long as it is red. Red packs a punch and can distract from a tired face. Plus, considering 99.7% of all adults believe a healthy smile is socially important, shift people's gaze from the bags under your eyes to your pretty smile!.
  7. Tint your lashes and eyebrows so you never have to put on makeup again.
    This simple investment goes a long way and can save tons of time in the long run. You'll easily be able to go three or four years without having to get a touch-up and this means you can roll out of bed and go!
  8. Establish a perfect five minute routine
    This may take some practice, but once you get it down your mornings will be made so much easier. All you need to do is pick out five products at most, bonus points for them being multi-use, and then you can give yourself one minute per item. An easy idea for this is an eyeliner, a mascara, an eyebrow product, a concealer, and a lipstick.

So with these tips in mind, you will be on your way to saving money and looking flawless all at the same time, without even trying. If you have any additional tips or tricks you'd like to share, please leave your ideas in the comments.

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