Monday 17 July 2017

5 ways how owning a sewing machine can save you money
Sewing is a fun activity that enables you to showcase your imagination power, originality, and creativity. Of course, there is a practical stage to sewing, particularly with the capability to make your personal quilts, dresses, bags and an entire collection of other stuffs; it can yet be on costly side when you consider accessories and fabric. Yet, it is very satisfying feeling to create your own products with the help of sewing. You will feel proud after finishing a sewing work, and better yet, you get a fresh price of pillow case or clothing, or anything you have managed to effectively design with your sewing talent.
There are several methods you can sew without spending too much, with some sensible shopping and taking a while to explore, sewing in a budget is reasonable and still enables you to create noticeable designs. Here, in this post we are going to share some very helpful ideas that will help you to save your money. So, without wasting more time let’s have a look at these awesome money-saving ideas.
You can create your own design instead of going to brand shops
If you have basic sewing skills then you can use your skills and use your imagination and create any style of garments. On the other hand, if you prefer buying cheapest stuff, you can still help yourself to save some bucks with your sewing knowledge. You can employ some simple pattern that you discern how to craft with Sewing machine. For instance, for females, pick knit blouse, simple pull over – no zippers or buttons. Yoga pants and skirts or dresses are good to pick. Choose retro style and create jumpers! And for males, knit shorts/ athletic pants and t-shirts and make Jon-Jons. Design one muslin replicate for size and do some changes as required. Just use your imagination or take the help of numerous websites on the Internet to make something interesting and useful and save money.
Repair your old dresses
Seasonal fashions and inexpensive high street brands have caused the increase of not reusable clothing. People usually purchase threads on cheap prices, compromise on the quality, and ultimately get the outfits that resist for long time. So rather than throwing out your unused, worn out or old garments, think about using your Embroidery Sewing combo and repurpose, repair or alter all your favorite dresses. Having a nice collection of trendy clothes might be extremely vital for you, however if you are low on your financial plan that can be little hard for you. So, try to get artistic and update your garments instead. What is the sense in spending money on fresh garments, if you cannot wear them after few months? If you have purchased garments in a clearance sale that doesn’t perfectly fit your and that you cannot return for any reason, then knowing basic skills related to alteration you can save your dress from wasting.
Make dresses for Others
If you love sewing then you can made cloths for people of any body type, size or shape.  In this way you can make money easily. There are so many people who want to get their cloths stitched according to their style and choices, and you can help such people and you can help yourself. Become a designer and fulfill the requirement of your clients. Check out
You can design your own gift instead of looking for an expensive one
Presently, where there is a price tags and Hallmark for every item, it looks like we are likely to give gifts frequently. Well, giving gifts to our loved ones is a fun thing to do, however it can put burden on our pocket. But, not anymore. Now if you own an Embroidery Sewing combo then you can grab salvageable parts and turn them into eye-catching gift-able artwork. Re-purposing and recycling are in latest trend nowadays. Just take benefit of that. For example, if there are loads of shirts of your husband having stains and holes in it but you don’t want to throw them away, then you can cut the sleeves of all the shirts, open up them and craft it into a beautiful quilt and present it to your lovable husband. Great idea, isn’t it? You can also create some customized bowls, rugs, scarves etc. rather than spending about 25 USD on a gift item, you can create something unique for just 5 USD.

Decorate your house with your own creations
Any person who simply loves interior designing knows that it’s hard to come across nice rugs, bed sheets, and curtains to go with the same decoration and design system of the house. But with the help of Sewing machine, you can effortlessly make custom products to fulfill your creative urge whenever insight strikes. In the summer season, you can create designer waterproof cushions to place around the swimming pool, whereas in the winter, you can simply make a bed sheet for the guest-room.
Buy bigger one on cheap and resize it to fit you
Well, if you are looking for a cheap alternative to a designer or stylish garment then there is an option for you. you can just make purchase of an outfit which is bigger than your actual size and get it on cheap price. Now you can easily alter that dress according to your actual size enjoy wearing the same.
Buy once and Use it for generations after generations
Sewing machine is actually a one time investment. Make a purchase of multi-purpose sewing maching and it can be used by many generations. It is always useful to have a machine to do repair, and alteration work at any time. If a garment cannot be altered or customized, then try to recycle it into anything useful. There are millions of resources available on the internet to instruct you on how to customize and tailor garments into everything from different toys, garments, household furnishings, and accessories. This will not just help you save your money but also when you practice sewing, you start appreciating the quality and amount of work that has invested into creating something wonderful.

Each year some people do custom projects, alterations, and repairs work, and there is a huge demand of such services. You can be your own tailor. Begin doing easy hemming and repairs. When your skills get better, then you can perform more tough alterations. If you want to start your business then you can simply promote your services on many fabric and craft outlets that give free bulletin boards.
Well, sewing is said to be a wonderful and amazing hobby that you can ever turn into a cos-effective business. If you really like to alter and repair old fabrics and garments then you should do it for sure. However, if you do not like sewing, then you can make purchases from the end-of-season or seasonal material and do not feel depressed. You win in both the instances.