Wednesday 5 July 2017

Freshen Up Your Home!

It’s possible for your home to have a strange “unfresh” feeling, if it’s not unclean! People often get this feeling around their home when they’ve been living in it for a long time. There’s a certain rush that comes with living in a house you’ve just moved into. The smell is neutral and there’s minimal clutter. It almost feels like you’re on holiday, or like you’re just visiting a friend. Something about it just doesn’t feel “permanent”, as though you’re going to somehow end up back at your old house soon enough.

Of course, once you’ve spent a few years there, or even just a few months, these feelings dissipate. You find yourself becoming used to everything. Maybe even eventually feeling bored. The “fresh” feeling is gone. Regaining it won’t just help you feel more confident about your home - it can also help your long-term health.

Want to take steps towards regaining that feeling? Here’s some advice for those wanting to make their home feel a bit fresher,

Get rid of your clutter

When you first moved in, you’d probably got rid of a bunch of unneeded possessions during the move. When you’re packing everything away, it seems to be the best time to comb through everything and get rid of everything you don’t need. But now you’ve been in your “new” home for a few years. You’ve accumulated some more possessions that you barely even look at anymore. Perhaps you shouldn’t wait until your next move to declutter. Spend an hour or two a day sifting through your belongings. Do a room a day so the task doesn’t feel monstrous. Anything you don’t need or desperately want is just clutter. Work out what to trash, recycle, give away or resell.

Replace the carpet - or get rid of it

One of the most common features of newly-built modern homes? Hardwood flooring. Carpeting is being phased out of a lot of new developments. And there are many good reasons why. They attract dust and bacteria like nothing else in your home. You need to do more than just vacuum them frequently - you should wash them a few times a year. If you’ve had your carpet flooring for a long time, you may want to consider getting it replaced. Once the new carpet is installed, ensure you take care of it properly going forward! You could also replace your carpet with hardwood flooring to ensure a maximum feeling of freshness, but a lot of people like all that softness beneath their feet!

Air it out

This seems like an obvious suggestion, but not many people let their home “breathe” enough. A lot of what people complain about when their home doesn’t feel fresh anymore is a stuffiness that’s hard to define. Open some windows around the house and get some air flow in there! You should also look into getting an air purifier. Something that will help you get rid of any unwanted odours or dust. Emphasis on dust! Ignoring dust buildup will definitely lead to a home feeling less fresh.

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