Moving House: A Step by Step Guide on How to Not Hate Your Moving Experience

So the time has come, you’ve decided to move house, now the stress will start! Moving house has a reputation for being about the most stressful thing you can go through, and with good reason! There is so much to remember, so many boxes to pack, so many papers to sign and so many people to keep track of! It should be enjoyable though, an exciting new time in your life: full of opportunities! To make that happen, this is why you need to follow this step by step guide to moving house, and you can spare yourself the anguish.

1) Declutter your life: If you’re moving house, why would you bring things that you don’t need? You don’t need the extra boxes, extra weight or even the additional costs. Decluttering your house is always so important but especially when moving. Before you do anything make sure that you’ve properly gone through every last draw/cupboard/gap-between-the-sofas that can be found in your house and donate or throw away everything you don’t need. That means, if you’ve not used it in the last six months- it needs to go!

2) Pack up long before you think you should
Packing and unpacking are probably the hardest parts of the whole moving process; you need to make it easier on yourself by simply getting it well out of the way! If you decide to pack for yourself to save on that massive cost, that means it has all got to be done by the time that the movers arrive with no questions asked. If you get it done early, it gives you time to figure out some house packing hacks as well, and save a bit of money on some boxes. Just simply make your own life easier, you’ll thank yourself for it when the moving day comes, and you have time for a cup of tea that morning!

3) Find the professionals that are right for you
If you’re getting in professional help to move your belongings for you, make sure that you find the ones who are the best suited, maybe not the cheapest but the ones who are local, who have great reviews. The moving company is something that you should take your time researching before jumping in with one particular company. You also need to consider if you only need one moving company, if you had anything big to move such as a piano, you would need to find particular piano movers. Make sure you check in with any moving companies you are using and that everything is clear about your moving process as well, just to save any confusion later on.

4) Label and prepare
Now when it says label, it means label absolutely everything! Not just “kitchen” or “bedroom 2” Write on your boxes specifically what they contain with the room they need to be in. You will be so thankful to yourself later when you are desperately looking for your hairdryer and can just go to the bedroom and glance at the boxes and see hairdryer written on one and pull it straight out. Avoiding hating moving always means planning and the boxes are no exceptions, don’t get lazy now! Along with that, try to have a few boxes full of absolute essentials that you can live out of for a while, while you are unpacking. You’ll need things like scissors, bags and lots and lots of coffee.

5) Snap, write, compare
This is a great time in your life to be that over-prepared person who takes note of everything and never loses track of what they’re up to. Take pictures of everything in your old house that you will need in the new one, for example, which remote goes with which electronic? Which socket does this adaptor fit with? Where did all these wires come from? Maybe you’d even want to get yourself a moving house organizer. Write it all down and look at the new home before you move in, this way you can write down where the new bits will go (it will also help give you an idea of your house coming together at the other end)! Stay organized and on top of this step, and you won’t go wrong!

6) Spending time in your new location
This means that you should be getting to know the place you are going to be living in as well as you can. If you do this, you’ll be able to run to the shop when your scissors go blunt from opening all the boxes! You’ll know where to go for that well-deserved drink at the end of the day. You might even know a couple of familiar faces. It will make the whole thing a lot less daunting if you know the place well, it won’t seem as scary as if you’d have to add “finding out where that shop is” to the list of things to do once you arrive. If you are moving somewhere so far away that this is impossible the best thing you could do would be to do a lot of research. Look at websites like shops near me as well as maps of the place so you can get a bit of bearing.

7) Don’t forget to enjoy it!
At the end of the day, moving house is above all else, an exciting new chapter in your life. Never forget throughout the whole process that you need to be making the most of it. Take loads of pictures, ask your friends and family to help you out so you can share the fun times! Make sure you are spending time planning the exciting parts as well. Such as planning where your new sofa is going to go and how great your old blanket is going to look on top of it. Get excited about local events as well! If there’s a newsletter for the local newspaper, don’t forget to sign up for it! Also, make time just to do nothing each day, never let the move overwhelm you, or it will take over your life, and you will come to resent it!

If you make sure to follow these steps and always staying calm, you will be sure to enjoy a stress-free (as stress-free as moving house can be) move! 

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