Monday 31 July 2017

The Best Investments For A Comfortable Retirement

Have you ever thought about retiring? Of course you have! The thought of sitting on a golden, sandy beach sipping mojitos is all that gets you through the day! But, it isn’t that type of planning that we are talking about here. No, Funky Frugal Mommy wants to delve into the world of retirement planning because most people leave it too late. And, the thought of scrimping and saving in your old age should be enough to kick start you into action. To ensure that the dream retirement plan is possible, you need the cash to fund the venture. With that in mind, below are the investments everyone should consider.

Private Pension Plan

Because a public plan is available to everyone, some people bother with a backup arrangement. As far as retirement planning goes, this is the worst mistake to make because the benefits of a private pension are wide-ranging. Have you ever heard of superannuation? No, well a superannuation advisor is a person that can increase the growth of your returns and possibly secure tax-free money. Plus, schemes exist that compel companies to match employee contributions. As a result, you can double your money by investing the same amount in a private pension plan.


Land and real estate are a long-term game. However, they are two of the most lucrative investment opportunities if you get on board in time. The reasons are two-fold. Firstly, a property is and always will have high demand, which means it’s an asset that easy to offload. Secondly, it is possible to make money from a building even if you have to take out a loan. All an owner has to is rent it out to cover the mortgage payments, and the equity will be all theirs by the time they reach retirement age.


Again, this investment is a long-term one that pays off by the time you retire. Quite simply, you make an investment in annuities with an insurance company, and they pay out. Of course, it isn’t as simple as that because every investment has the potential to go wrong. But, if you opt for a low-risk strategy, you can reduce the chance of failure and accrue money over time. The best thing about annuities is the fact that they are flexible. So, you can defer the payments to ensure that you receive the money when it best suits you.

Individual Stocks

Stocks don’t seem like a good idea for lay people, but they aren’t as intimidating as you might believe. As long as you invest in the stocks that are not volatile, the rewards can be quite high. And, if you don’t think that is true, just ask Warren Buffett. He says that buying stock in big companies where the fluctuations are less pronounced is a great way to win. Plus, because it is a retirement plan, you can wait longer before cashing in on the returns.

Planning for retirement might not seem like something you need to do now, but the sooner you start, the better. 

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