Thursday 24 August 2017

11 Cheap and Easy Remedies for Everyday Ailments

It seems like every day new articles are published and shared all over the internet about how modern science is helping and hurting people at the same time. That baby powder you trusted for years? It’s always contained cancer-causing chemicals. The over-the-counter medication you take maybe once or twice a week at most becomes plastered on your television screen because it's apparently made from the same chemical that dissolves rust on tires.

These kinds of news flashes can be alarming — there’s an unspoken trust between everyday consumers and businesses that the products people are buying are safe for use. When that trust is broken, it makes people either grab the next-best-thing or quit using anything like that product altogether.

Most people forget there’s a third option: use treatments that people have been using for decades, centuries or even longer. Just because that over-the-counter pill no longer makes you feel safer and healthier when you take it doesn’t mean there isn’t a cheaper or more natural option to help accomplish the same thing.

1. Temperature

Playing around with temperatures can actually help you with some of the most common issues — plus some you might not think about. Keeping a heating pad around the house will come in handy next time you find yourself with cramps. The heat relaxes the muscles and eases pain without the need for medication.
You can also use cold temperatures. Dry mouth is a common ailment because 90% of cases are caused by medication. But you can help yourself out by just getting a cup of ice. It’s important to keep hydrated when you have dry mouth, so the cold ice cubes will help you not only because they’ll melt and rehydrate your mouth, but because they’ll also provide a constant and refreshing way to get water into your system.

Suck on an ice popsicle or chug another glass of water? Ice is way more fun!

2. Garlic

You’ve already got a container in your pantry for those nights when you want to bake a lasagna, so use it for other purposes, too. Including garlic in your meals helps regulate blood pressure, which is a much more delicious way to take care of yourself besides taking blood pressure medication every day. Try it out for yourself by making new recipes and watching how your body responds.

3. Coconut Oil

In the last couple of years, everyone has gone crazy for coconut oil — and for a good reason. It could be the Achilles' heel of the diet pill industry. Using coconut oil to fry and bake your normal foods allows it to ease the stress your pancreas deals with every day, which in turn makes your metabolism run faster and shed pounds more quickly.

4. Aloe

What’s not to love about aloe vera? It’s a hard plant to kill, and if you’re not into gardening, a tube from the store will last you a surprisingly long time. It also naturally contains powerful antioxidants, so you can rest easy knowing that, when you rub it on your skin, you’re helping your body fight off bacterial infections.

5. Honey

When we leave bees to do their pollinating business, they make honey that we get to enjoy. It’s important to note that the best honey you can use to get the following health benefits is local honey — not store-bought. The extra travel or cash will be worth it once you start seeing the effects of this anti-fungal, anti-bacteria, ulcer-fighting gold. Try it on sandwiches, biscuits or bananas.

6. Turmeric

Another easy natural fix you can try is adding turmeric to your meals. This spice contains the yellow pigment called curcumin, which is what makes it an anti-inflammatory addition to your dinner. Clinical trials have actually proven that it helps people with osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis.

If you’re feeling unsure about using anti-inflammatory drugs, try out turmeric for a couple days first and see how you feel.

7. Baking Soda

Almost everyone knows baking soda can do a lot more than make great desserts, but not everyone gives it a chance to prove itself otherwise. If you struggle with heartburn, this one’s for you. The next time you feel that burning creeping up your chest, dissolve baking soda in water for some easy relief.

8. Essential Oils

You’ve probably seen some of your friends trying to sell you essential oils on social media, but people have known for centuries that these are no scam. Essential oils give a gentle hand to whatever you’re suffering from, whether it’s anxiety or even acne. Because they’re all-natural, your body will thank you for giving it a try.

9. Epsom Salt

Not all remedies have to be ingested to work! Do you frequently leave work feeling tired, knowing that when you get home you only have more work to do? Take an Epsom salt bath. Your body will soak up the magnesium, which will give you an energy boost that won’t leave you feeling like a sugar crash does.

10. Mint

Anyone with digestive problems knows that when your stomach is off, your whole day or week can be ruined. It’s hard to get your stomach back on track, which is when mint will come in handy. The best way to help yourself is to drink mint tea, which soothes the lining of your stomach and calms your system right away. Drink a cup of tea each day and your stomach problems will be few and far between.

11. Ginger

Ever find yourself driving to work and feeling motion-sick? Maybe you have to fly a lot and hate that the barf bag is your best friend. Before you get into another moving vehicle, try drinking some ginger tea or taking an all-natural ginger pill to help your brain and stomach stabilize.

Most of these remedies are probably already somewhere in your household, so why not try some of them for what ails you the most? As with anything, too much can be a bad thing — even when what you’re trying is all-natural.

So be careful with how you experiment, but don’t be too afraid to try. You’ll save yourself money while giving yourself peace of mind from knowing your body is better off without your old products.

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