Wednesday 30 August 2017

Keep The Family Finances Afloat, Even In The Worst Storm

Financial storms are something that many families face in their lifetimes. Whether they are due to a crash in the market, an unexpected illness, or being laid off. However, just because you feel the wind pick up and the rain starts to fall; it doesn't mean it’s time to panic. Especially if you follow the guide below on how to keep the family's finances afloat, even when it's blowing a (metaphorical) gale.


One way to keep your family's finances afloat is to make sure that they are protected as much as possible. Do this is by having adequate insurances in place.

Insurances work by covering you in certain situations if you can no longer keep up the payments on your home, credit cards, or other big ticket items. All you have to do is keep up the small monthly premiums to be protected, just in case the worse doesn't happen.


Another way to keep the family finances afloat when things are difficult is to investigate how to repair a low credit score. This is a worthwhile activity because a low credit score can get in the way of you being granted credit in the future, something that can certainly save your behind if in a tight spot.

To do this check out the advice at that can help you raise your credit score. As then you will be prepared for any financial situation that the wind blows your way.


Of course, savings are a huge part of keeping the family's finances buoyant when there is a problem. Savings can help pay for those unexpected bills, go toward the kids' tuition fees, or even enable you to buy them their first car without having to get a loan.

However, savings rely on forward planning. That means you have to put the money away religiously whether you feel like it or not, and no matter what sort of financial situation you are in. It can also help to investigate high-interest rate accounts and ISAs. As these will help you grow your savings as quickly as possible. Some even have clauses where you can't take your money out immediately so they may stop you from being tempted to dip into them for a treat now and again as well.

Invest & Liquidate


Lastly, another way of keeping the family finances afloat during the storm is to liquidate an asset. Assets are things that are worth a significant amount of money, such as property, vehicles or art and antiques.

Having money invested in these things is a good way of both enjoying it, and ensuring that it is available if a financial storm ever does hit. As you can sell them at point throughout your life when you need an injection of capital.

Although it's vital that you pick things to invest in that are likely to hold or increase in value. Especially, in the case of art and antiques, something you can get some guidance on at

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