Thursday 10 August 2017

Problems that can easily ruin your backyard

 We usually consider backyard renovation in terms of aesthetics. There is a certain look we wish to create that will be relaxing for us and our family. What we do not realize is that this aesthetics can be costly.
    I am not talking about money in this case; I’m talking about different items, objects and plants that can ruin your backyard and bring more problems than solutions.
Here is the list with 5 common issues that may happen after you create a certain type of exterior design.

  1. Palm trees
Palm trees are common for tropical paradises. If you love summer, you probably thought about using them to create such paradise atmosphere in your backyard.
Unfortunately, these trees can be very troublesome.
First thing that needs to be mentioned is that they are growing all over the place. Unlike common trees that are mostly going upwards, palms tend to go sideways and can grow really big. This is often disregarded as people often presume that palms will be exactly as those seen on postcards and reality is a bit different.
They are also very susceptible to diseases and storms. They can easily be ravaged and lose their charming look which is the main reason why people take them in the first place.
When something like that happens people would call experts for palm tree removal. Although removal will save the plant, you will still be forced to relinquish it.

  1. Hedges
There is a good reason why people simply put wooden wall or fence around their property – it is much easier than having hedges.
Hedges look nice but only in the movies. The fact is they require a lot of work. Unlike flowers that need some basic maintenance, hedges require trimming all the time. Albeit you can do something great with them, gardening is required.
There are also some other issues with plant itself. A lot of leaves can drop from the hedge affecting its appearance. When these holes start popping up, hedge loses its appeal and it very hard to remove it completely.

  1. Gravel
Gravel is a really popular construction material which is most commonly seen in backyards. It is usually used for patios or pathways around the backyard. Although it is something that fits well with almost any design, there is a big issue with it.
Gravel is really hard to walk on.
Seniors are the ones that will first notice this as it can be something that easily leads to an injury especially during winter when everything is frozen over. It can also pose a problem to women due to their high heels. If you’re having guests in your backyard, this will be quickly noticed.
This material can also pose some issues for people who are barefooted. Due to its structure (and especially if there are rough pieces) it can be troublesome to walk on it. If you have a pool in addition, it is easy to see how it can cause injuries.
It is also problematic for furniture pieces and it isn’t best surface.

  1. Huge concrete areas
Although I mentioned that gravel can be an issue, the same can be said for bigger concrete areas.
Concrete erodes after some time and holes start appearing. This is rather normal but the issue is what comes next.
During winter, these holes will start filling with water. Water will then turn to ice due to low temperature. This ice will widen the holes and slowly but surely, the damage will increase. Ultimately, part of concrete will fall down and create holes.
This can of course be prevented if you patch the holes as soon as you see them. Bigger concrete areas are much more susceptible in this case.

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