Thursday 3 August 2017

Products You Can Use During A Fire Ban

We went on a weekend camping trip last weekend and we had a great time. Even though we live in an area where camp fires are banned and the fire risk is extreme we were still able to have that genuine camping feeling by using products that are safe to use during these crazy hot summers. We roasted marshmallows and cooked hotdogs the same way we always have in our new propane fire pit. We were able to cook bacon and eggs in the morning using a propane camping stove as well.

We even had a visit from a fire warden while we were camping because somebody had seen our propane campfire burning at night and thought we had a real wood fire burning. So the warden came and checked out our camp and informed us that they had gotten a report of a fire by the lake we were at. We showed him all of our propane gear and he reassured us that we were following all the rules. It's nice to know that people are actually reporting fires they see in the backwoods so nobody can break the rules and destroy our forests with a wildfire.

There is an excellent article here that informs you all about the rules of a campfire ban.

Propane heaters are also allowed inside of your tent at night to keep you warm. We bought one and it kept us toasty all night, it got down to at least 5 degrees Celsius over night so it was very brisk with young children.

As always remember your fishing rods so the kids can enjoy some good old fashioned fishing and if your into firearms and hunting like I am it is a great idea to teach your children about gun safety while your camping.

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