Friday 8 September 2017

4 Things you should know about the no contact rule

Breaking up can be hard to do which is why many couples get back together and then break up again. If you are used to spending a substantial amount of time with a person, it can feel strange to all of a sudden not have them in your life anymore. If you are serious about breaking it off with your partner, you should behave accordingly. The no contact rule is a good way to truly separate from your partner. For purposes of this article, the no contact rule does not mean that you filed a complaint with the police stating that you do not want your ex to contact you. It is merely the idea of cutting off contact with your ex as to not confuse the situation. If you breakup but then still talk to the person all the time or engage in intimate relations, it can be confusing as to whether or not you truly broke up. This article will provide some advice as to how to use the idea of the no contact rule to help you move on after a breakup.

  1. Stay off of social media. One of the best ways to incorporate the no contact rule in to your life is to stay off of social media. If you are not posting regular updates about your life, your ex will have no idea what you are up to, which can be intriguing. It is highly likely that your ex will begin to wonder what you are doing with all of your free time and may cause them to reach out to you.
  2. Stay busy. Breaking up can be hard to do and it can also be painful. The best way to move on after a relationship ends is to stay busy. Instead of coming home after work and laying in bed wallowing in sorrow, consider going to the gym to work out or take your dog to the dog park. The busier you can be, the better off you will be and the faster you will heal.
  3. Hang with friends and have fun. It is possible that while you were dating your ex, you did not spend as much time with your friends as you used to. Now that your ex is no longer in the picture, you can spend as much time with your friends as you want. Reach out to them and suggest doing activities that you haven’t done in a while.
Don’t be accessible. It is likely that your ex will contact you after a breakup. The idea of not being accessible is that you take your time in responding, if you respond at all. That is up to you. If you receive a text message from your ex or a phone call, you have the option to reply or not. If you do choose to reply, give it some time before you do so. This will give the impression that you are busy and you are out living your life. Many find a challenge to be attractive and not being easily accessible can be considered just that. 

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