Tuesday 19 September 2017

4 Types of common lawsuits employers risk facing

As an employer, the threat of debilitating legislation must be at the top of your priority list. Legal problems can take you off guard and hurt your business. There have been legal cases that have made business doors close, so this is not something to set on the back burner.
1. Workers Are Not Happy
If you have employees who are not happy, their jobs will not be completed proficiently. If you intend to fire one of the workers you must have an expert draft a document that make the terms of dismissal very clear. If you do not have a draft drawn up by an expert is law, it could cost you a lot of money. The employee could come back and sue you for wrongful termination.
2. Customers are Not Happy
Those customers who are not happy with your products or services can file a suit against you. If it is a class action lawsuit, it can do more damage than just a few unhappy customers. This is just one of the reasons to have a team on your side that is well versed in the legal aspects of owning a business.
3. Harassment or Discrimination
Whether it is sexual, age related, or ethnicity related, the ramifications can cause more than a few headaches for your company. Make sure that your Employment Law and HR Services are equipped to handle a situation should it arise.
When hiring people, make sure to keep records and resumes so that you will have proof that you do not discriminate against anyone. You want to hire those who are qualified for the position with no regard to age, ethnicity, or gender.
Holding regular meetings and keeping the communication open with employees to make sure that discrimination or harassment is not happening. Whether it be an office clique or an individual causing issues, it will not be tolerated in the work environment.
Harassment; racial, sexual or otherwise can be a very serious problem in a workplace that is integrated. People from different ethnic backgrounds and religions should not be harassed. Holding regular meetings will keep the doors to communication open and allow the offender to be terminated.
4. Patent and Copyright Issues
Tech companies on the cutting edge can be faced with patent litigation issues. There are companies out there that will hold patents for months and years, just waiting for another company to violate them. What does this do? The patent holders are just waiting because it is easy money to be made.
Although these are the four most common lawsuits, there are many more. This is why it is so important to have competent legal team such as  www.elliswhittam.com  on your side. Employment Law and HR Services for employers is what is needed to protect you and your company.
For instance, Ellis Whittam is a leader in the field of employment law and HR Services. This is the company that will not just make recommendations, but get in with hands-on. With the Fixed Fee Employment Law and HR Support, you have support 24/7 should a problem arise. 

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