Sunday 10 September 2017

5 Tips to predicting the gender of your baby

Being pregnant is a wonderful thing. It does not only bring joy and happiness to the would-parents but even to their close family and friends. A baby is always a welcome addition to a family and is sure to bring joy to everyone.

One of the best and worst things to experience is trying to guess the gender of the baby. Sometimes the wait is torturous for parents who would want to know right away if their baby is a boy or a girl. Part of this is because they would want to get the baby’s things ready, especially the nursery.

In the first trimester, it is possible that gender prediction is still early. Many experts would say that the best time to get the baby’s gender is at 20 weeks when the mother comes in for the congenital anomaly scan.

But there have been some things that some mothers swear by that could somehow tell you the gender of your baby. Check some of those tips below and have fun seeing if your guess is true or not.

1. Find out the heart rate from the Doppler – there are stories that your baby’s heart rate can indicate if she is a boy or a girl. For boys, the heart rate would be below 140 beats per minute, while girls would have higher than 140 beats per minute. Make sure to ask your doctor to bring out the Doppler on your next appointment. Even if it does not accurately tell the gender, just hearing your baby’s heartbeat would surely be something you can enjoy.

2. Look at the size and shape of your bump – many mothers say this is true, although again there is no indication of its accuracy. But it could be a fun thing to check until you’re sure with your baby’s gender. Check out your bump in the mirror and see its shape. They say that if it sticks out like a football, then you will be having a baby boy. But if it’s more spread out all over your abdominal area, then you’re likely to have a girl.

3. Determine how much weight you’ve gained – this gender prediction theory states that if your extra weight goes to your belly, then the probability that you are carrying a boy is high. But if your weight gain is centered on your hips and butt, your baby is more likely a girl.

4. Discover your baby’s gender through your cravings – not a lot of women experience craving certain types of food during their pregnancy if you’re one of them you can try to see what you crave for. They say that those who crave for salty and sour food might be carrying a boy, while sweet foods will have a girl

5. Use the Chinese gender chart – many swear by this method, despite the lack of scientific evidence. For this, you would need  the age of the pregnant mother during the time the baby was conceived and also the month of conception.

Whether or not these tips will be able to accurately predict your baby’s gender, the important thing is that you prepare yourself to be parents.

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