Sunday 3 September 2017

Back to School Dentist Visit Tips From Arm & Hammer!

1. Make Brushing Fun - Let them pick a toothbrush or toothpaste they like to get them excited about brushing. Arm & Hammer SonicPulse Spin Brushes and Orajel Anticavity Fluoride 
Toothpaste feature brands that kids love like Spiderman, Mario and Paw Patrol. 

Dentists recommend brushing for 2 minutes, singing one of their favorite songs while brushing will keep 
teeth even cleaner.

2. Grab a snack before the dentist - If they’re scared of the dentist, you don’t want them to be hungry as well. Letting your kid eat one of their favourite foods may help relax them before their appointment. 

3. Getting back into routine - Without school to keep kids on a rigorous schedule, it’s easy for kids to skip parts of their routine. Ensuring that kids are brushing twice daily will help them get back into a good routine and have their teeth clean for their next checkup. 

4. Keep a Positive Attitude - The most important thing to remember is to keep a positive attitude. 
It’s easy to make threats or bribes if they don’t co-operate, but that will make them more nervous or make them expect something for each trip to the dentist. 

Try talking it over with 
them or having the dentist talk to them to show there’s nothing to be scared about.

Arm & HammerTM Kid’s Spinbrush TM Battery Brush

It’s important to start a good oral hygiene routine from a young age. Now, kids can get excited about 
taking care of their teeth and gums with the 2017 innovations from the maker of Arm & Hammer™
Spinbrush™ products.

With beloved classic characters from classic TV shows, brushing has never been more enjoyable for kids. 
When brushing is fun, it gets done!

The Arm & Hammer™ Kid’s Spinbrush™ appeals to boys and girls of all ages with beloved classic 
characters from My Little Pony™, PAW Patrol™ and Spider-Man™. 

Features and benefis:
• Unique brush head that removes plaque and massages gums
• Smaller brush head for smaller mouths
• Comfortable handle grip design
• Batteries are replaceable (requires two AAA)
• Kids brush 38% longer with Spinbrush™*

MSRP $7.99. Available at mass, drug and grocery retailers across Canada

New Orajel ™ anticavity toothpaste is a fun and exciting way to transition kids from fluoride-free to a
fluoride toothpaste.

Children can now brush their teeth with their favourite friends from My Little Pony™, PAW Patrol™ and

Features and benefits:
• Helps to strengthen and protect teeth from cavities
• Has great tasting flavours including Berry Blast (Spider-Man™),
Bubble Berry (PAW Patrol™) and Fruity Fun (My Little Pony™)
that kids will love and parents will like as it helps to
strengthen and protect teeth from cavities

• Brush teeth thoroughly after meals or at least twice a day
or use as directed by a Dentist or Physician
• For children under 2 years of age, ask a Dentist or Physician

MSRP $6.99 Available at mass, drug and grocery retailers across Canada


  1. 1. Pose a game that motivates you.

    You can always associate a game that you like very much with the visit to the dentist, so that you can maintain a positive relationship.

    Create an imaginative game with him. Middletown Dentist suggest to compare the dentist's office with a place associated with a picture film that you liked a lot.

    2. Explain the importance of taking care of the teeth.

    Surely your child knows the case of a relative who has suffered from a toothache.

    You can remember that moment and let him see the relief felt by those who suffered the problem, that the dentist has solved them. You can add that only the dentist could avoid that pain.

    3. Show with your example that you also take care of your teeth.

    If you have the chance, take your little one with you when you go to the dentist and show him that you are happy with your visit to the specialist. If it sees you with security, it will increase your confidence.

  2. Your article is impressive and very informative. Many parents don't focus on their children dental health and they ignore them. It's a very dangerous thing for children oral health and overall health.

    According to the best root canal specialist in Irvine, oral health and overall health are interdependent. if the oral health of your child is not good then overall health will also damage. So focusing on children oral health is the most important habit. You should brush your baby's teeth twice in a day.

    I agree with you that make brushing fun. Your child will show interest in brushing if you make brushing fun. Use only fluoride toothpaste. It will save your baby's teeth from cavities.

    It's the most important thing that you should explain the importance of taking care of teeth and dental health. Your article is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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