Tuesday 19 September 2017

Driving Hacks For Taking A More Frugal Approach

Driving is a big part of many people’s lives. Without a car, it can be a total nightmare to get around, especially when you are a parent. However, just because a car is a vital tool for getting yourself and your kids from A to B, that doesn’t mean that it’s affordable, does it? It’s a catch 22; you need a car to get by, but you can’t afford to run it.

Should you sell your car on and reside yourself to walking or taking public transport, or should you try and find little ways to make driving more affordable? The fact is that there are plenty of ways you can take a more frugal approach to driving, it’s just a case of getting a little creative, that’s all.

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Bearing that in mind, below are a few handy driving hacks to take note of that will help to reduce the cost of driving and make having a car more affordable.

Invest in an efficient car

Is your car old and outdated? If you are living life on a budget, then it most probably is, and while you may think having an old car will save you money on monthly installment payments, in the long-run, it will end up costing you more money. Old cars burn more fuel and are less efficient to drive, plus they are more likely to breakdown more regularly and can be pricey to fix. Why not invest in a new (or nearly new) vehicle that is efficient and reliable? Perhaps you could get a new vehicle on finance or how about taking out a bank loan - you can learn more about these from the Banking.Loans website - to make covering the cost of the vehicle more affordable. Buying a new or nearly new car will save you money in the long run, so it is definitely something that is worth considering.

Learn to drive in a frugal way

Did you know that how you drive impacts how much your vehicle costs to run? The fact is that you can drive in a frugal way, reducing how much fuel is burnt and thus making driving more affordable. Plus, changing how you drive can also reduce the amount of wear and tear your vehicle gets, which can help to keep it going for longer. One hack for doing this is using higher gears at lower speeds, such as driving in fourth gear at 30 miles per hour - this will instantly reduce the amount of fuel that you are using. Using gears more efficiently could help you save up to 15% a year on your annual fuel bill. Being mindful of the weight within the vehicle is also another factor to take into account - the more stuff that your car is stocked with, the heavier it will be, and the more fuel it will use. Take a look at these great maintenance tips for more money savings.

Take maintenance seriously

Want to ensure that your car doesn’t end up costing you too much? Then it is vital that you take vehicle maintenance seriously. The fact is that when a car isn’t properly taken care of, it can have a negative impact on its ‘health'. Want to ensure that your car lasts for years? Then make sure to book it in for annual services and always get any problems dealt with as soon as possible. As that way, less damage will be done, and the price of repairing it will be lower.

There you have it, a guide to driving hacks for taking a more frugal approach and making running a car much more affordable.

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