Simple DIY Ghost Decorations

Aren't these little guys adorable? I make these every year now with the kids and it is one of their favorites because they get to make them, play with them, then take them home as well. Here is how to make these sweet little spookies:

Medical gauze
Plastic grocery bags
A black marker
To create your spooky ghosts simply ball up a plastic grocery bag.
 Cover the grocery bag with gauze, and cut to desired length.
 Tie off the gauze directly underneath the plastic bag to create a perfect ball for the body of the ghost.
 Apply eyes with a black marker. Or you can use googly craft eyes. 
 Attach a piece of thread through the top of your ghost so he can be hung up to look spooky!
There you have it! Adorable little ghosts to add more Halloween decor to your home and it probably cost you nothing because the materials are most likely in your cupboards, that and it only takes 5 minutes. Happy Crafting!

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