Sunday 3 September 2017

Wildfire In Okanagan - Are you prepared for an evacuation?

Hot dry conditions have raised the fire risk to extreme in many parts of our region. It is important that we are all prepared for the possibility of evacuation in our neighbourhoods by developing a household plan, putting together a grab and go kit and connecting with our neighbours.

Develop a plan:PreparedBC: Household Preparedness Guide and the PreparedBC: Household Emergency Plan are great resources to help you make a plan.

Put together a grab and go kit: Creating a home emergency kit doesn't need to take long. Follow this guide and remember to include personal items, such as prescription medications or an extra pair of eyeglasses. 

Connect with your neighbours: When disaster strikes, the most immediate help will come from those around you - your neighbours. Connecting and building relationships with them today will mean a better response and faster recovery. Download the In it Together: Neighbourhood Preparedness Guide  and start talking with the people next door. It will help you join forces so you all know what to do in an emergency, who to check on and what resources are nearby.

Tips for managing stress
The threat of wildfires can be very stressful for children and families. It is important parents don't assume children view the fire threat the same way adults do. What children see, think and feel can be very different. Our guide Helping Kids Cope with Fire Threat - Helpful Information for you and your family has some important tips.
Be safe and be prepared. More information on wildfires in BC can be found here.

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