Sunday 1 October 2017

5 Tips to cleaning your windows

Compared to any other household chores, cleaning the windows is one of the toughest and most meticulous tasks. Aside from being constantly exposed to water, dust, dirt, and stains, windows are also prone to streaking when the wrong type of scrubber is used. While we want them to look clean and shiny, it is also a must to keep our windows smooth and streak-free all the time.

If you are struggling with how to provide the proper clean to your windows, then you should take note of these five helpful tips. These hacks do not only give your windows a brand new look, but they also help you save more time and resources; allowing you to focus on other things that matter more.

1. Invest on a squeegee.

If the conventional scrubbers always leave those annoying streaks on your windows, then maybe it’s time for you to purchase a professional squeegee. This tool features a rubber blade which can sweep and wipe away the water off the surface. There are many different types of squeegees that you can choose from in the market, but getting one with a 12-inch hard rubber is already an excellent choice.

2. Use minimal detergent.

You don’t always need to use strong detergents just to keep your windows clean and shiny. Aside from increasing the total costs, using strong detergents can also leave unwanted smudges on your windows. Remember to always dilute the soap before using. You can also use a solution of 50 percent white vinegar and 50 percent water to wash your windows clean. The smell may stick around for some time, but this eco-friendly solution can make your glass windows smooth and streak-free at half the usual costs.

3. Try microfiber cloth too.

Instead of using sponges and towels, you can also try a microfiber cloth too. Use it to dry the windows after washing for a smooth and streak-free finish. This lint-free material is also an excellent alternative to squeegees as it requires less force to dry the windows and it absorbs the liquid right away instead of pushing it around the surface.

4. Use the proper techniques.

The first tip is to avoid cleaning when the sun is shining directly at your windows as it can dry the soap solution quickly and leave unwanted smudges afterward. Instead of wiping randomly, wash and dry the windows sideways from top to down to prevent the dirt from coming back up. Clean both the inside and outside of the glass, rinse off the soap, and dry it right away.

5. Don’t skip the edges.

As people tend to focus on the window glass more, they tend to forget the frames. Clean both parts at the same time to prevent dirt from spreading. Afterwards, remember to clean the sill too as it is where the muddy solution accumulates while washing the top.

Cleaning your windows is actually an easy task only if you have the right tools and you know the proper techniques. To make things easier, you can hire a professional window cleaner instead. Window cleaning experts know exactly how to give the proper care to your windows, and they can help you clean hard to reach areas in your homes too. For the best window cleaning service in Bristol area, trust only Gleem. The company takes pride in its unparalleled expertise in cleaning homes, commercial units, healthcare facilities, and other establishments.


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  2. Oh my god the squeegee!

    I used to work in a kitchen as a kid before my career started. I totally forgot about the squeegee for years. Then I was in the store one day and saw one and it hit me that I've been a fool for years.

    Cleaning with water in our place is very annoying. Then I bought a squeegee and life was good.

    Ok, ok, ok cleaning nerd rant over haha :)