Sunday 8 October 2017

A Beautiful Bathroom For Under $5,000

Have you ever considered how much a typical bathroom goes through in a year? In an average family of four, that would be four baths or showers a day which, regardless of the quality and the efficiency of your vent system, will create additional moisture in the room. It’s no wonder that bathrooms rapidly show signs of wear and tear in your family home! It’s not a sign that your family doesn’t take care of it. Bathrooms are simply going through a lot: They are being used several times a day every day and need to handle a warm and moist environment. So, the mold building up on the ceiling and the tiles looking a little tired, it’s all part of the deal, unfortunately. If the bathroom wasn’t brand new when you moved in, it’s likely that the bathtub is looking a little grayer than it should and maybe the sink in front of the mirror is so old that it’s gone porous. Time to start your home improvement works while keeping an eye on your budget. How do you get a quality bathroom for less than $5,000?

Evaluate what needs to be done
Every bathroom ages in a different way depending on how you use, the quality of the water in your region, the level of humidity in your home, and even the number of people in your family. Consequently, there is no standard bathroom improvement cost. While some homeowners will need to replace the tub and get new tiles on the walls, other simply need to clean the grout and give a fresh coat of paint on the ceiling. That’s why, according to, remodeling your bathroom costs in average $9,555 with a typical range of $5,915 to $13,941. You need to estimate what needs to be replaced or repaired before you can plan a budget for your home improvements. As you can guess, high-end improvement works will be more expensive.

You need to change the tub or the shower
If you need to change your bathroom appliances, you may be tempted to postpone the improvement projects until your savings can finance the work. Don’t be fooled in waiting, as the longer the wait, the more everyday use will damage your aging bathroom. Instead, you can consider a personal loan — you can find out more on — to buy the essentials: Bathtub, shower, sink, toilet, etc. You can find quality appliances for less than $1,500. Don’t be tempted to pick low-end items to save money: You’ll only need to change them again in a few year’s time. You will also need to contract a specialist to connect your bath/shower to the water pipes.

You can work with what you’ve got
If the appliances are in a good state — or have just been replaced — then you can give your bathroom a new look with smart and budget-friendly updates. From changing the faucets to getting new tiles on the wall, there are plenty of ways to revamp your bathroom, especially if you love DIY.

In the end, it’s the combination of clever DIY and targeted personal loans that helps you to create a timeless bathroom decor that is made to last. Don’t spend much on it: Spend it wisely instead!

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