Thursday 16 November 2017

3 Ways to Cut Your Water Bill

Image Credit: Pixabay

Even when you are frugally conscious enough to remember to switch off all your appliances and wear an extra jumper instead of turning the heating up a notch, water is still often forgotten about as an expense. And yet, water is a commodity just like everything else.

Reducing your water consumption is a really good way to save cash. You don’t need to stop drinking it yourself - that would be a step too far! - but you can cut back in other ways.

Here are just a few:

Get a Low Flow Shower Head

The first thing you can do is get a low flow shower head. These are great because they increase the pressure of your shower by forcing the water through smaller holes. This means you use less water and get a massage too!

Low flow isn’t restricted to showers though. You can get all sorts of low flow fixtures around the house to make sure that everything is running as efficiently as possible. This will get you some decent savings and will help the planet too.

Isn’t it nice when the cheapest thing to do also turns out to be the most environmentally friendly?

Get the Best Water Heater

Heating water can be hugely expensive, especially if you are using a water tank do it. This is because you might not be using all that heated water or because the tank isn’t insulated well enough to keep the heat in. Whatever the reason, a hot water tank is rarely a good idea in a frugal household.

Investing in the best hot water heater on the market is going to benefit you in all sorts of ways, especially if it is only heating the water you are actually going to use. It will cut down on your energy costs by reducing waste and not heating the water until you actually need it.

Collect Rain Water

Water falls from the sky all the time - it lands on the roof, in the garden - it’s everywhere! And yet, people tend to pay for water to be delivered from other locations. It makes no sense!

Collecting rain water is a really easy system to have installed and once it’s there, your water supply will become completely free. And it’s suitable for drinking as well as for your washing machine and garden.

All you need to do is collect the water into big stores that you can just bury in the garden and then have a plumber connect the supply to your house. In the unlikely event that you do happen to run out, you can still have a mains supply too.

Water is such an intrinsic part of life that it’s actually easy to forget how important it is and how much we use in a day. There are lots of simple things you can do like taking a faster shower that will help, but harnessing technology is the best way to make a long term difference to your bills. Invest now and save later!


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