Monday 27 November 2017

6 Ways Mums Can Make Extra Money at Home

Being at home should be no excuse when it comes to making money! So much has changed in recent years and that includes how we make money.  With the internet and the sharing economy, we can now make extra money from anywhere, at any time.  Making money from home is similar to any other job, you learn new skills and devote time and effort and see rewards.  The only difference between a typical job and making money from home is your location.  So, let’s see look at 6 ways mums can make extra money at home.

Start a blog

Starting a blog requires a lot of hard work and effort, but it’s first on this list because it’s the most rewarding. Starting a blog will require you to spend a bit of money on a domain name and hosting, after that, you don’t pay much. You are free to put whatever you want on your blog. If it starts building authority and a community of readers, it can be financially rewarding as well. Starting a blog is not as difficult as it seems, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Who knows, you could be living off your blog one day. Remember, persistence, and hard work pays off, blogs are no different.

Clothes equal cash

For all those women that have purchased a beautiful dress and only worn it once, you are in luck! With The Volte, you can borrow and lend designer fashion. Make use of the dress that’s been hanging in your closet for months! Simply take some pictures, list it for free on The Volte site and wait for a request. There is even door to door couriers, so everything is simple and straightforward.

Freelance work

For those of you who don’t want to commit to a blog but still like to express an opinion or help others learn, try freelance writing. You will be surprised how many sites are willing to take on content. Don’t expect to get paid lots of money straight away. Work up a portfolio of work by offering free content first. When you have a following or decent experience, you can start charging people. Some will pay by the word, by the hour or by the project.

Alternatively, you can start looking at sites like Freelancer and Upwork. They offer platforms that connect people needing a job done with individuals looking for work. Put yourself out there; you could become a content writer, developer or even virtual assistant from the comfort of your home.

Rent out your free space

Yes, you can rent out free space in your home. Do you have an empty garage, shed, basement or any other space? You can list it (for free) on sites like Spacer. People will search listings and request to store thier items in your space, easy! You have the final say about what is stored in your space. You can list multiple areas and store as much as you want, just take some photos, set the price and make the listing.

Alternatively, if you have a spare bedroom, you can rent that out to people. Airbnb is a great way to make extra money, and it can be very lucrative. However, if you want something more local and permanent, list your spare room through Gumtree.  

Review your financial situation

One way of making money is saving more of it. Your mortgage, car loan, personal loans or credit cards and the repayments associated with them can often be minimised. What is your repayment schedule like? How much interest are you paying over the life of the loan? How can that be lowered? Can you be saving yourself money? The answer is typically yes. The only issue is, you are not doing the research needed to save. For example, if you’re looking for a new personal loan, look at all lenders and see how each one can help you. Sometimes it can be as simple as using a comparison site like RateCity.  


If photography is one of your hobbies or skills, turn those photos into money. Stock image sites, such as will pay you for great images. You simply submit your pictures and hope they get accepted. If they’re excepted, you can get anywhere between 25 cents to $120 per image! If you have been a photographer for a while, chances are you have plenty of snaps you can submit right now.

Remember, making money from home is like a job, if you don’t put in any effort, you won’t see any reward. Good luck!

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