Friday 3 November 2017

Top fence covering ideas that are good for your buck

Fences are something much more than just a utilitarian. In fact, they can be a fun way to add a little of d├ęcor to your outdoor space. From wrought iron styles to traditional pickets to sculptural fences, you will get a number of options to choose from. To help you out, here we have 5 inspiring fence ideas:
  1. The veggie fence

The vegetable garden fence is one popular choice among homeowners. It will not only protect your privacy but will also yield organic vegetables to be consumed. To install this garden fence design, you will require pallets and choice of your veggies.
Make two feet rectangular boundary with the pallets and plant the veggies inside the pallet. To separate the vegetable sections, you can again use the pallets. The best thing about the veggie fence is – it sets the mood for an outdoor barbeque. The fresh veggies around make the party more appealing and your friends will be left curious for the recipe.
As far the budget is concerned, the pallets are going to cost almost nothing, plus you get fresh vegetables to savor on. For those who can’t access pallets, they can go for thin stems and logs too.

2. Picket Fence

Most people assume the picket fence to be old style, but there can’t be a better country style than the picket fences. If you have the slightest interest in the old-fashioned and rustic exterior, then just go for this one.
The natural and earthy aesthetics brings the sense of homeliness around the entrance of the home. However, there is one thing that worries the homeowners most is the selection of right picket.
Two main choices that you will get is modern picket fence and heritage picket fence. For those who want to go for semi-rustic designs, modern picket fences are a go-to choice. And, if you want stately aura surrounding your lawn with solid fences, then opt for heritage fences.

3. Pallet fence

When you can create anything from a pallet, why not try it for fences. This is perhaps the most affordable way to get your fences built. Being one of the simplest choices, every other DIY lover goes for this fencing option. The best thing about these fences is that they are environment-friendly; of course, you are actually recycling the pallets.
Some of you might think that pallet does not yield aesthetically good value, but it’s not true, you really need to check the option available.  A number of beautiful fencing options are available like 12 pallet styles, pallet picket style and much more. Once you have installed the fence, you can go ahead and paint it with a color matching to your outdoors. Nice bright colors always bring a sense of part to your outdoor area.

4. Wire Fences


Because of its mesh design and ability to keep even the tiniest of animals out, wire fences are one great choice. It might look a little scrappy, but utility gets higher with this type of fencing. The only problem with this sort of fencing is you will need heavy metal posts to withstand the metal strings.
You can mix and match the fences with the nearby landscape, using paint, custom shapes, and other establishments. Compared to the solid fence, this one offers a cleaner look, but if you want a more neat choice, there is a plastic fence.
Available with the name of “deer fence”, this 7-feet fence gives a neat and gritty appearance to your fence. Unlike the metallic fences, these plastic ones can be installed using the wooden posts only. However, people mostly use it as emergency add-ons. If you are thinking of creating a smaller fence, go for these without any second thought.

5. Rustic Fence

Rustic logs or the rustic stone wall will look just perfect for a country house. In our experience, it can be installed easily and is pretty much affordable too. This is one great option if you want to keep away small dogs away from your garden.
If you want to add that extra dash of elegance to your fence, go for logs and wooden stands topped with planters. All you will need is a few plants of your choice, either flowers or veggies. Once done, surround the fence with LEDs lights and it will make the outdoor area look super awesome.
It won’t cost you more than $4 to $5, plus it can be done within few hours. So, if you like the little rustic touch, give this fence a try.

Special note

If you are trying to save your garden or home interior from deer, then let us warn you they can jump through even the highest fences. However, you can make it tricky for them by adding hedges. Practically, it gets difficult for them to cross the fence if there is one more obstruction nearby. Green hedges are beautiful compliments to your fences, plus it will create a hindrance for the deer in their first jump. The utility part is – if you have a wider hedge, the fence can be kept low.

This is it; you can have your beautiful fence done without hurting your budget. Just go through an in-depth research of what you require personally, whether you want a garden fence or a barbeque party space.

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