Monday 4 December 2017

17 Creative Family Tree Ideas

A few generations ago, it wasn’t unusual to spend your whole life in one geographic area, along with the majority of your family. These days, our world has grown increasingly more widespread and most of us are on the lookout for ways to connect with our family near and far. Once you have kids, it may become even more important to you to share your family stories, history, and genealogy. A family tree is a crafty way to organize information about your ancestry and pass on the family history.

Whether it’s for a school project, a gift to a relative, or simply for your own edification, Personal Creations has you covered with several family tree options to meet your desired style. Don’t forget to check out their blog to download the printables.

Where Love Begins  

Ideal for a mommy and me activity, this family tree goes back three generations and highlights the thread that weaves you all together--love.

Circle Family Tree

Go beyond the traditional tree, and try this circle family tree. It couldn’t be easier to trace your lineage with this fun format.  

Dot Family Tree

Kids love cut and paste projects, so the printable color coordinated circles make this a fully customizable family tree perfect for young ones.

Potted Plant Family Tree

As a family is constantly growing, this template is as apt and pretty as it is simple to fill out.

Balloon Family Tree

This printable couldn’t be cuter, and makes a perfect gift to send to grandma and grandpa.

Galactic Family Tree

You love your family to the moon and back, and this galactic family tree reaches to the sky for inspiration.

Peacock Family Tree

Birds of a feather gather together, and so do families. This printable is as colorful as a peacock, drawing the attention of all who gather to look at it.

Our Family Milestones Wall Art

Rather than going back through the generations, this wall art tree allows you to celebrate the momentous dates of your immediate family, from marriage to children to buying your first home.

Hand Drawn Family Tree

For the artists here, you can try your hand at Chris Loves Julia's DIY family tree using white cardstock and black india drawing ink. Once you’ve mastered your tree, you can switch to a black gel pen and fill in the names along the trunk, boughs and twigs.

Vintage Family Tree

The black and white or sepia photographs and old fashioned clothing of the earlier generations really makes this tree stand out. For names and dates, all you need is a simple white chalk pen.  

Vinyl Family Tree

Vinyl wall decor is bright, colorful, and easily removable, so it’s a delightful medium for crafting a family tree. This is a great addition to a kids' room as wall art.

Oversized Metal Family Tree Sculpture and Frames

This family tree sculpture is a true statement piece, showcasing family photos in frames and beautifully detailed branches and trees.

Handprint Photo Family Tree

The best family tree projects involve our kids, so what could be cuter than this photo family tree using the outline of a child’s handprint? Check out Money Saving Mom's adorable family tree here.

Quilt Family Tree

If you’re going to go through the trouble of crafting a family tree, why not turn it into a beautiful quilt that will be treasured for years to come?

Family Tree Art

If you’re computer savvy, this free art tutorial will guide you through the necessary steps to create a willowy and definitive family tree.

Family Photo Ornaments

A photo speaks a thousand words, so we love the inclusion of copied photographs in this crystal pendant style family tree. For more tips on how to create these beautiful pendants, check out Jennuine's blog here.

Family Tree of Hearts Canvas

For a sentimental and pretty piece of art on your wall, consider a customizable tree of hearts canvas.

Every family has its own style--traditional, modern, big, or small--so celebrate your family with a family tree that speaks to you. No matter which way you choose to commemorate your family or display your family tree, the moments you spend crafting your own family tree will be priceless.

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