Tuesday 12 December 2017

The Top 5 Benefits Of Individual Sports For Kids

Most people, when talking about sports, only refer to team sports such as football, basketball, baseball, and so on. They swear by the benefits of team sports and they are not wrong to do so; after all, team sports can help an individual learn when to follow, when to lead, and how to work well with others to achieve the same objective. However, the benefits of individual sports such as badminton, lawn tennis, bowling, cycling, golf, figure skating, snowboarding, martial arts, and boxing also shouldn't be overlooked. Without beating about the bush any further, here are the top 5 benefits of individual sports for kids.
  1. Helps your child become self-reliant
Individual sports require the player to be self-reliant. Athletes are entirely and solely responsible for their success. If an athlete wants to achieve victory, he/she cannot rely on anyone else to carry them through to victory. And, if he or she loses, he or she won't be able to blame anyone for his or her failure. Individual sports help an athlete become more responsible for his/her decisions and actions. An individual sport helps your child become self-reliant.  
  1. Individual sports can teach players about teamwork too
Contrary to popular opinion, individual sports can teach players about teamwork too. Sports such as gymnastics can teach players about the importance of teamwork.  After all, when your child competes as an individual in gym events, his/her scores will be added to the overall score of the entire team, and contribute to a team's success. Swimming relay events and track events also operate similarly.
  1. Helps a child compete with other children of a similar skill level
When participating in individual sports such as martial arts, children will only have to compete with other children who boast of a similar skill level. In team sports such as football and basketball, children are often forced to compete with athletes who are older, or who have trained longer. Jiu Jitsu training institutions such as Garden Grove Jiu Jitsu schools ensure that your child has the luxury of competing at his/her own pace.
  1. Helps a child solve problems on his/her own
As we stated earlier, athletes who participate in individual sports, are often left alone to their own devices while on the playing arena. Therefore, they are forced into developing independent thinking. They will be required to problem-solve on their own, think on their feet, and change their tactics and strategies as the game progresses. The participation in an individual sport will also teach a child how to motivate himself/herself.
  1. Helps your child become comfortable in the spotlight
Your child will not be able to hide in a crowded field when he/she is involved in an individual sport. All eyes will be on your child when he/she enters the playing arena; therefore, an individual sport can help a child become comfortable in the spotlight. This process can, in turn, help get rid of stage frights and enable your child to present presentations confidently in class.   

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