Wednesday 17 January 2018

25 Ways to Organize Your Life in 2018

Did you know that one in four Americans wishes they were more organized? It can be difficult to get started, especially with the amount of clutter we have in our homes, offices, and digital devices these days.

The scientific benefits of staying organized include reduced stress, better sleep, increased productivity, better eating habits, and easier achievement of fitness goals. In a UCLA survey of around 1,000 women, those who described their homes as "cluttered" had higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Since staying organized is oh-so-important, I'd like to share this infographic with tips on how to stay organized in 2018 from Simply Self Storage. They detail tips and tricks for organizing every facet of your life including home, work, family, meals, and social life, as well as the scientific benefits to back up their importance.

Follow these hacks and you're sure to have a more organized 2018!

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