Tuesday 16 January 2018

5 Tips to choosing a great baby carrier

Having a baby is a blessing and a miracle. While having a baby is a very exciting chapter in one’s life, there is a lot that must be done in order to prepare for the baby’s arrival. A baby needs a lot of stuff such as diapers, crib, changing table, clothing, bottles, a car seat and baby carrier, among other items. Having a baby can be quite expensive which is why it is helpful when family and friends throw you a baby shower to help you acquire everything that you need to prepare for your bundle of joy. This article is perfect if you are looking for the best baby carrier for your unborn child. Perhaps you are going to add a baby carrier to your registry or maybe you are going to buy one on your own. Whatever you choose to do, this article will help you select the best carrier for your needs.

  1. Determine the type of carrier you want to use. Everyone has their own personal preference on the type of baby carrier that they will use. Here is a breakdown of the types of carriers that you should consider.
    1. Sling. This type of carrier consists of a wide piece of fabric that is worn across your chest and over your shoulder. You can select from padded or unpadded.
    2. Front carrier. This type of carrier uses two straps and has a cloth seat. The baby is worn in front of your body.
    3. Wrap. This type of carrier is a wide piece of fabric that is worn across your chest and wrapped around your arms.

  1. Consider the weather. While you may not think that this should be a factor in choosing the best baby carrier, it can be quite a challenge to find yourself in the midst of a summer heat wave wrapping up in a baby carrier. You will be very hot and sweaty after wearing heavy fabric as well as your baby all day long. Some brands offer a cool mesh option that not only makes the carrier lighter weight, but it will also prove to be cooler for you during the warm months.

  1. Where will you store the carrier? If you are going to be traveling or going to a place where you need to store your carrier in your diaper bag, you will want to consider wearing a wrap or a sling. The reason for this is that a sturdy carrier can be bulky and may not fold down into a diaper bag like a piece of fabric will.

  1. Maintenance. Taking care of your baby carrier will be a critical component to consider. Having a baby carrier can be helpful as you will be able to wear your baby around the house and get tasks done. However, your baby may spit up on the carrier from time to time making it so that the carrier needs to be washed. How easy will it be to wash and care for the carrier that you select?

Budget. Baby carriers can be quite expensive. Before choosing one and spending a lot of money, read reviews and conduct research on baby carriers. You may find an affordable carrier that can do the job and not break your budget. 

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