Saturday 24 February 2018

Kitchen queens: simple tips for moms to master the home’s most important room

It may seem like a big statement to suggest that the kitchen is the most significant room in your home. But it is a place where you prepare (and potentially eat) meals, complete various cleaning duties, and generally spend many hours. Furthermore, it’s one of the few spaces that will be utilized by every member of the household.   
As such, a happy kitchen provides the foundations for a happy home. Consequently, getting more out of this crucial part of the home should be top of your homemaking agenda for the weeks and months ahead. Here’s how to become queen of the kitchen with minimal fuss.

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Safety First
Safety should be the priority in all parts of the home. However, this is especially pertinent in the modern kitchen as it is a room that holds many potential dangers. First and foremost, you need to install smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. Frankly, it’s not an exaggeration to say that this could potentially be a matter of life and death.
Parents will also want to childproof the kitchen. Simply telling them not to touch the oven or knives isn’t enough. Turning stoves off at the mains is a great habit to adopt while keeping sharp objects, medicines, and cleaning materials out of reach is also key. A safe kitchen is a far happier kitchen. For the sake of peace of mind alone, this is one aspect where no stone can be left unturned.
Invest In Gadgets
In truth, the majority of gadgets used in other parts of the home serve very little purpose. With regards to the kitchen, though, they can transform everything. From saving valuable time to enjoying the best quality food, the incentives to make those investments are huge. Even if your budget only allows you to make those upgrades one gadget at a time, you will see a big impact.
Check out Eurohome appliances for a wide range of items ready to improve your cooking and cleaning duties. From the morning coffee to the evening meal and dish cleaning, those simple upgrades won’t just improve the kitchen. They will inevitably improve your entire lives too. In many cases, those tools can additionally reduce the running costs.   
Focus On Efficiency
We live in an era where green living is a very hot topic. The kitchen is one place where you can make a huge difference by making investments built for a more efficient lifestyle. Once again, those kitchen appliances like dishwashers and cooking materials can be very useful. Then again, adapting your habits relating to food storage and water usage are where you can see the biggest change. Financially, you’ll see a noticeable difference in no time.
On a separate note, growing some herbs by the window is a great way to reduce ongoing food bills while ensuring you don’t run out of key ingredients. This is also the perfect way to encourage the kids to embrace their green fingers before moving them onto outdoors gardening tasks. Once they make this transition, getting them interested in nature and nutrition is easy.

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Brighten Up The Mood
Even with time-saving gadgets, you’ll naturally spend many hours in the kitchen. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that the surroundings leave you smiling. Increasing the natural lighting can be a little more difficult than in some rooms, but it largely depends on the layout. If the kitchen leads out to the garden, patio doors or a glass roof can work wonders. Meanwhile, HGTV can help you discover the best color scheme for the room. This is a huge step for smaller spaces.
Adding a little personality to the room through quirky and sentimental ornaments is a great option. Likewise, the refrigeration door can become a canvas for family photos, child drawings and achievements. Those simple gestures go a long way to creating a happier environment and when you love the room you’re in, you’ll actively want to spend more time there.
Embrace The Space
Storage is a word that no parent ever forgets, and the kitchen is one place where it’s an endless battle. Things do become easier when you have a larger space to work with, but even those with limited room can make it work. Simply designing the layout of the drawers
in an efficient manner can make things look a lot different. Meanwhile, under-shelf baskets are great additions.
When you have a bigger kitchen, adding an island can completely transform the appearance and feel of the room. Alternatively, going open plan with the dining room may be an option for some families to consider. Either way, the need for space will feel even greater as the kids grow bigger. There are many online guides available for little tricks like making a DIY pegboard. Use them to your advantage, and you will not regret it.
Increase Your Repertoire
Building the perfect surroundings is one thing. But no mom should overlook the importance of nutritious and delicious meals. Getting kids to eat healthily isn’t always easy, which is why you need an eclectic selection of dishes. Fish is proven to be one source of protein that is very beneficial for kids. With a little research into child-friendly recipes, you’ll see great results in no time.
Aside from getting children (and adults) to eat the right foods, cooking can become a fun activity. Creating pizzas or baking cakes can be a fun activity to bring parents and kids together. Meanwhile, you can use games as a great way to monitor their development. Given that this will tick virtually all the boxes on the parenting agenda, your place as queen of the kitchen will be assured.
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The Final Word
A winning kitchen goes a long way to creating the perfect home environment, and every mom should consider it to be a priority. Apart from the improvements to this room, it‘ll create more time for you to enjoy other parts of the home with your nearest and dearest. And that’s when a mom’s dreams really do come true.   

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