Sunday 25 February 2018

Starting a small business? What you should know!

I began a new business venture recently and I have learned some new tricks and hints that I figured I should share. There are a million and one different sites that will take you through the entire cycle of the "legal stuff" that is super boring but very necessary for starting your new venture. But what about the stuff they don't tell you? Like market research, pricing, budget, gaining clients, etc. I have found some fun techniques that will save you time and money when getting started.

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I have a sweet tooth like you would not believe. I have been a sugar addict ever since I could talk and it has followed me straight through to adulthood. So why is this important? Because I researched how big the market is for other sugar addicts and it is phenomenal. People love sweets and treats and they make people happy! I researched how much is spent each year on confections and how much people enjoy hosting parties with unique treats and tasty favors and once again the numbers were outstanding. So do your research on whatever business your trying to get into to see if it will pan out first.

My new business:

Budget & Pricing

When you get started price out how much things are going to cost before you will see a return. Figure out what types of materials, equipment, and labour is needed and make sure it is not an impossible dream. For my venture all I needed was high quality cookware, raw materials, and lots of time. Then you need to calculate what your time is worth but sadly you won't amount to much in the beginning.


The best way to gain new clients is to do work for free. Show people what you can do and they will share your talents with their friends. You can't walk down the street and tell people your an amazing painter if they have never heard of you or seen your work. Same goes for any type of business, so throw yourself out there and give it your all.


There are tons of ways to advertise a business these days. My favorites are my blog, Facebook, Instagram, and word of mouth. You can also use car decals, yard signs, banner ads online, and your local newspaper sites and print. Another great way to advertise is to host a giveaway on Facebook or your website for some of your products or services. People then share your business to gain entries and get to try it as well which gains word of mouth.


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