Thursday 8 March 2018

28 Free & Fun Kitchen Printables

Are you looking to add a quick and easy decorative touch to your kitchen? If you love cooking for your family, drinking coffee, or vintage farmhouse images then we’ve got some great printables for you.

These printables make for a perfect weekend afternoon craft in which you can print them, hang them, frame them, or trace them onto a chalkboard. Get creative and pair them together to make themed wall collages. You can also decorate and hang clipboards around your kitchen so that you can easily swap out these printables as your mood pleases.

Set up a coffee nook by putting your coffee maker, your best mugs, and some of the coffee themed printables in a designated space on your counter. It makes for a fun display to keep things light on those early mornings during the week. You can also do a similar theme for a wine nook in which your display your wine rack, some of your best wine glasses, and a few of the wine-themed printables in the link below.

Check out all of the 28 kitchen printables created by Kitchen Cabinet Kings. Just click the download button next to the ones you like most, print them on your personal printer or go to your local print store, frame them, and place them anywhere your kitchen could use some sprucing up!

These cute printables make great gifts as well if you pick up a cheap frame and a couple small mixing spoons. I love these frames as they are sturdy and affordable! 

Check out these cool photo prop printables as well if you’re looking for more fun! 

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