3 Tips for Moving with Kids and Pets

Moving isn't easy. It requires a lot of planning, a lot of money, and a lot of lifting. But, if you have kids or pets, moving can be a lot harder than it needs to be. And it's for that exact reason it's important to come up with ways to keep them occupied during the big move.

First, explain to your kids why moving is best for the family and why it's so important for them to help the transition along. Bekins suggests talking to your children well before the move happens. Ask them how they're feeling about moving from one place to another and encourage them to talk to you if they're nervous or have any problems. 

Next, make sure someone is available to watch your children and pets. HGTV suggests hiring a sitter, enlisting a family friend, or calling in the grandparents. Take your kids or pets to your in-laws, summer camp, or in a pet’s case, take them to doggy daycare. If you want your kids or pets to be a part of the move, but you don’t want them running all over the place, have the designated "watcher" come to your new home and stay with your kids and/or pets in a room of the way. Make sure you do this in advance though, as it can be hard to find a solution last minute. 

Community Cats Podcast says it’s really smart to make sure all of your kids' and pets' toys are unpacked first and foremost. Set up their spaces as quickly as possible as an easy way to occupy them. If you have things you do with your family on a weekly basis, such as movie night on Thursday, keep doing it to ensure stability even while you’re unpacking. Introduce your children or pets to the neighborhood by taking them for a walk or a drive around so they become familiar with the layout. Keep an eye on them for a little while after you’ve been settled to make sure they aren’t trying to go back to their old neighborhood, which is somewhere they’re probably pretty used to. A dog is typically as smart as a two-year-old, so they'll probably know how to get back there. Even though you’re going to be busy dealing with the movers and unpacking, it’s crucial to make sure you keep things as normal as possible for your kids and pets.

Moving is a pretty common activity. In fact, the average person moves about 12 times during their life. Considering that, it's key to make sure you have your kids and pets covered for every move you make throughout your life.

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