Monday 19 March 2018

40 Fun and Unique Easter Egg Hunt Clues

Easter egg hunts are arguably one of the most fun holiday traditions! There’s almost nothing as enjoyable as hiding a bunch of colorful eggs throughout your house and yard for the kiddos in your life to find. Once everyone is done collecting their eggs, it’s so much fun to open up the eggs that were collected and go through all the treasures that the 
Easter Bunny brought. 

To kick things up a notch this year, consider printing out and using these adorable easter egg hunt clues that Personal Creations created! Whether your easter egg hunt will be inside or outside, you can use these clever printables! There’s even a fill-in the blank printable that you can use if you really want to get creative with your clues. Hoppy Easter, everyone!

Easter Egg Hunt Clues

10 Outdoor Clues for Big Kids
  1. I sit very still when I don’t have a rider, check under my tires to get what you desire. (car)
  2. Fill me with seeds and put me up high, my guests come from up in the sky. (bird feeder)
  3. On a hot day, I give you a shady seat. Come sit here now to find what you seek. (tree)
  4. I am a box with a stick, and and I’m where you’ll find mail quick. (mailbox)
  5. Use me to give plants a drink, you fill me up from the kitchen sink! (watering can)
  6. I am where you throw out trash and people say I’m nasty and yuck. But if you don’t find your clue you’ll be out of luck! (garbage can)
  7. I’ve got charcoal in my belly, and metal feet. Once I am hot, it’s time to eat. (BBQ)
  8. Use me to cool down the ground on a hot day, I am long and effective I must say. (hose)
  9. Reach new heights by swinging on my seat, a regular chair just can’t compete. (swing)
  10. I separate your house from your neighbors, and am made from wood. (fence)

10 Outdoor Clues for Little Kids

  1. I have windows and doors but I am not your house! I go vroom vroom and love to be ridden. (car)
  2. You step on me every day before you leave. (door mat)
  3. I hold food for birdies outside, check my opening for a special treat! (bird feeder)
  4. I am green and I grow, and what you mow! (grass)
  5. I love the outside, and have many green leaves. I grow big and tall and you love to climb on me! (tree)
  6. If you can’t see the Easter Bunny’s bushy tail, be sure to check the mail. (mailbox)
  7. Don’t touch me if I’m on. I am where adults cook outside. (BBQ)
  8. I hold flowers in my base, and love to be watered. (flower pot)
  9. I give light to the porch, so you can see your steps in the dark. (porch light)
  10. I am where the car is parked indoors, and am a large moving door. (garage door)

10 Indoor Clues for Big Kids

  1. Look under where you wipe your shoes. (front door mat)
  2. I am where you watch your favorite show, and at night I like to glow. (TV)
  3. I am always running but have no legs. I am cold and white and always have a light. (fridge)
  4. Turn me on and you can see, turn me off to let the night be. (light)
  5. I have hands but no arms, just a face and my hands move at a steady pace. (clock)
  6. I have a sound that goes beep, and my main function is to heat. (microwave)
  7. Keep your stinky socks in me, and any dirty clothing that comes to be! (laundry basket)
  8. I’m full of paper and ink, but I am not a book like you might think. (printer)
  9. I am under the place where your head rests, after a long day of takings tests. (pillow)
  10. Go out with a bang and find your last clue in the place your clothes hang. (closet)

10 Indoor Clues for Little Kids

  1. Find me in the kitchen, I’m a big cold white appliance. (fridge)
  2. I am where you put your clothes, on the most bottom shelf. (dresser)
  3. I make a ticking sound and tell you the time. (clock)
  4. I make a beeping sound when your food is done. (microwave)
  5. I turn on when you want to watch your favorite show. (TV)
  6. I hold the books you like to read. (book shelf)
  7. Check the item that you put on your feet to go outside! (shoes)
  8. You put bread in me, and it comes out nice and crispy. (toaster)
  9. I wash your clothes and go around and around. (washing machine)
  10. Find me when you need to know how to spell a word. (dictionary)

Once your little one is finished with the hunt, don't forget to include a fun prize at the end of the journey! Fill an Easter basket or bag with candy and toys as their reward for their hard work. This modern Easter egg hunt will be a hit during this year’s celebration. 

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