Thursday 29 March 2018

How To Throw A Fun Easter Party For Under $50

I am always trying to find frugal ways to keep my kids and my daycare kids busy learning, staying fit, and having fun, without breaking the bank. We celebrate all the major holidays around here and Easter is one of the funnest to get the kids pumped up and ready for the long weekends with their families. So how can you throw an amazing Easter party for under $50, I will show you:

My adorable egg pinata cost absolutely nothing to make all I did was cover a balloon I had laying around in paper mache and let the kids color it when it was dry. My super hard paper mache recipe consists of glue, flour and water and that's it. The only thing I spent money on was pinata candy I bought at Dollar Tree for $20

Balloons, Glue, Flour, and paint to make your pinata can be found at the Dollar Tree for $1.25

We all made bunny ear head bands which cost nothing because I had gotten a giant roll of blank paper from my local child care resource center. 

Markers & Paper to make your bunny ear headbands can be found at the Dollar Tree for $1.25

I also made a pin the carrot on the bunny game using the same roll of free paper. Kids love this game so much and it is so simple to create and enjoy.

Paper and tape to make your pin the carrot on the bunny game can be found at Dollar Tree for $1.25

We did egg and spoon relays as well which is a great way to practice hand eye coordination and keep those little bodies moving. This was also free with plastic Easter eggs I had saved and spoons from my drawers.

Plastic eggs and spoons can be found at the Dollar Tree for $1.25 

The pinata is always a huge hit and these monkeys take their hitting very seriously.

We also did face paint as little bunnies to match our ears which also cost me nothing as I always have it around for painting faces at daycare. I made cupcakes for our treat today which cost $3 at Walmart for the icing and the cake mix. If you had to purchase all of the small things that I used today it could all be found at the Dollar Tree for under $50. 

Face paint can be found at the Dollar Tree for $1.25

There was nothing but smiles and laughter all day long and it cost me almost nothing to do it. Parties do not have to cost a fortune or take tons of time planning, kids just want to have fun and if your creative enough you can make anything fun for next to nothing.

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