Sunday 11 March 2018

Love Colored Pencils

Artist Vivian Wong believes one way beginner or "baby-artists" learn is by copying what they see. Love Colored Pencils is designed to enable exactly this. First, Vivian demonstrates a technique or she colors in a subject, and next the reader is encouraged to copy what they see, drawing directly in the book. Exercises throughout offer fun ways to explore drawing while being inspired by Vivian popular and colorful drawing style. This is a book for all levels of artist who want to explore this versatile and fun medium with a colorful and talented artist baby step by baby step.

This book is unique in the sense that it shows you every different way to use colored pencils. There are pages for you to color and gives you step by step instructions on how to blend and create the look your going for. A great way for an artist to learn new mediums or a great way to start getting into art.

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