Tuesday 20 March 2018

The top 4 reasons you need a nanny camera in 2018

There are still many who argue against the use of a nanny camera. Some would say that it is a breach of privacy when you film someone without their knowledge while others would contest that it is your right to monitor your loved one.

Are you leaving your loved one with a caregiver while you work? If you’ve never thought of investing in a nanny camera, then it is time to do so. Join the thousands of homeowners who have decided to be more proactive in making sure that their families are cared for. Check out the top reasons why you should consider buying a nanny camera today.

1.    To give yourself some peace of mind – it’s never easy to leave your family or loved one behind, but that is the reality of life. If you are a parent, and you’ve just recently gone back to the workplace, you cannot help but feel apprehensive throughout the day because you had to leave your child with a nanny.  Thinking about what your baby might be doing can cause stress and even make you inefficient in your work. Give yourself peace of mind and install a nanny camera at home so that you can monitor your child from time to time.

2.    To see that your loved one is not being abused in any way – it does not happen always, but there are instances when nannies do not care for their wards. It even becomes extreme that they hurt and abuse the children or elderly they care for. Some parents or family members only decide to install the nanny camera when they see some warning signs such as their children crying at the sight of the nanny, or some unexplained bruises and cuts on their elderly parents. Don’t let it get that far as your loved ones will suffer unnecessary trauma. With a nanny camera installed, you can see right away if there are instances when they are not treated right

3.    To see that they are being cared for properly  - paying for a nanny or caregiver is not cheap, so you want to make sure that you are paying for the right care and that your loved ones get what they deserve. Your nanny may not be abusing your loved one, but you find that they spend more time on their phones than the average person, or they are not feeding your loved one at the right time. You can easily address issues and communicate with your nanny about the care you want your baby to receive.

4.    To get a glimpse of what you miss when you are not with your loved one – one of the things that you may be apprehensive about upon returning to work is that you may miss your child’s “firsts”. It may be his or her first step, or first time to eat a certain type of food, etc. The next best thing to being there is to witness it on video and you can do that with a nanny camera.

There are many models of nanny cams on the market, so you can check out vdashcam.com for a list of the best nanny cam that money can buy.

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