Tuesday 3 April 2018

5 Reasons to Install a Murphy Bed in Your Miami Home

If there’s one thing in your house that you need to invest in, it’s your bed. After spending a long day at work, the idea of going home at night and finally sleeping in your comfortable bed is everything that you need to re-energize for another busy day ahead. However, deciding what type of bed to purchase for your new home can be tricky. You must take into consideration how big it should be if you want a headboard or not and if you prefer low bed Japanese style, and so on. There are so many choices and the last thing you want is to be pressured into choosing something that you will regret later. A great type of bed that is becoming trendy and practical is a Murphy bed. Here are five reasons why installing a Murphy bed in your Miami home might just be a perfect choice.
  1. Great Space Saver
Mortgage in Miami is not cheap. It is one of the popular cities in Florida and often visited by tourists for its sunshine and endless beach waves. To get the most of your apartment or house, you have to be wise on how you choose your furniture and place them around without invading all the space. A Murphy bed is a genius innovation that keeps the bed hidden away when it’s not hidden so you can have more space to walk around and stretch without bumping into things. Try out different Murphy beds in Miami to find one that suits your needs.
2.   Easy to Use
There is a misconception that a Murphy bed is heavy so it becomes more of a hassle to use every day. But, Murphy beds have come a long way and there have been a lot of improvements to make it safer, easier and quicker to lift or fold. There Murphy beds that slide automatically when detached from the wall and if you have a few extra dollars to spare, you can opt for a remote-controlled Murphy bed.
3.   Minimalistic
Installing a Murphy bed is one way to keep everything simple and practical. During the day when the bed is folded, the rest of the furniture can be used as a shelf to store books and even clothes, towels and sheets. It’s one way to maximize storage in a seamless way. You can also install an outlet on the sides to plug a lamp or use to charge your phone.
4.   Comfortable
Murphy beds are made to be really compact and you can definitely still use the high-quality mattress to fit into the frames. This will secure the mattress in place so even if you move around during your sleep, the bed will stay in place. You can eliminate squeaky box springs and pick your favorite mattress. If you have family or friends coming over, you have a much better option for a bed instead of using an air mattress or futon.
5.   Customizable and Multi-functional
There are Murphy beds that you can purchase ready-made but you also have an option to customize the size and style according to your preference and situation. You can consult with a professional and present them the layout of your house to get a better idea of how the bed will fit in the room. Some Murphy beds are multi-functional so that when it’s folded, other parts can be used either as an office table, chair, and storage.

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