Monday 9 April 2018

5 Tips to designing your own stickers

 There are different kinds of stickers and their use determines the type of design that you will use. Stickers can be used for various purposes which include weddings, commercial products, or even personal projects and require more than just designing a simple process. For those that want to make their own stickers, there are several things to be considered.
Designing stickers require one to know the intended purpose and how to relay the message to the intended people. Beautiful and well-crafted stickers meant for business purposes can be a great tool for marketing a business. However, a slight mistake in the design process can spoil the entire sticker design. You can custom make and design your own stickers according to your preferences. Here’s a look at how to make your own stickers.

Make the message simple

A simple message clearly points out to the readers what information you want to pass across. If you intend to include a message to your sticker, come up and create a simple short message. Limit the length of your message writing only a few words instead of long statements since most of the time, the reader does not have time to read through.

Incorporate your brand

Most commercial stickers are made to market the brand and increase the overall sales of a business. Include your brand on the sticker to increase brand awareness.

Choose your colors well

Your sticker should be able to catch someone’s attention at a distance, especially if it is business intended. Choose colors that are clearly visible, mostly bright colors, limiting them to at least two different colors. Bright color combinations such as yellow and white, red and black among others easily capture the target audience’s attention.

Shape and Size

Choose a shape and size for your sticker which will create distinctively shaped stickers that are unique and out of the ordinary. Rectangle and square stickers are among the common shapes used in sticker designs. Think outside the box and let the sticker design be different from what others are designing.
The size that you choose will depend on where you will be using the sticker. Stickers that are to be used for home or personal use such as on laptops, fridge and other small appliances are to be small while those that are used on larger surfaces for example bumper stickers are usually a bit larger. Stickers that are uniquely shaped are easily noticed, although this will also depend on the use of the stickers.

Seek a second opinion

Find some people who can give you an honest opinion about the stickers and whether they are good for consumers to use. Some of the questions that you can be whether the design passes the intended message to the consumer, is it preferable for marketing purposes? What does it communicate to the consumer? among other questions.
Even after successfully designing your own stickers, how you print your stickers determines the end result. Find a company that is experienced in sticker printing for a final wrap of your sticker designing process.

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