5 Useful Benefits of Pregnancy Cushions

Pregnancy cushions are specially designed pillows which provide complete support to back and help to maintain posture for pregnant women. It covers complete body, hence giving a good support all your body parts. They come in various sizes, like pregnancy wedge pillows, full body pillows shaped in C, U and J shape, side pillows, back support pillows and neck support pillows. Now you need to consult with your doctor to choose the right pillow for you. You can also find them online and you must read their features before you buy.

Here are few benefits of using pregnancy cushions-

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#1. Supports side sleep to help baby grow

All pregnant women are advised to sleep on their side to support the growing baby while sleeping. But while sleeping on their side, they require a lot of body support due to their grown-up belly. Also, as baby grows, it become difficult for them to change sides without support. The pregnancy pillow helps a lot in these scenarios. It provides complete body support to the pregnant women. Also, provides cushioning supports to your body, so that you can move easily. This also helps them ease the baby bulk around their stomach which they may feel while sleeping on side. It also helps pregnant ladies from sleeping on their stomach, which may occur during their sleep.

#2. Promotes healthy heart 

All the cushioning and support provided by pregnancy cushions help women maintain their posture and hence promotes healthy heart. It helps you to maintain your blood circulation and can even help people with problem of snoring to kick it naturally. While sleeping, women tend to hug the pregnancy pillow and hence tend to lower her heart rate. This often helps to calm her down and supports her both emotionally and physically. Through this way, they will get a support during their sleep and they can prevent any injury during their pregnancy period.

#3. Relaxes your body and feet

Pregnancy pillow provides full support both from back and front. Hence it reduces the body ache. The body of pregnant ladies often gets bulky and feels tired very easily. The support of pregnancy cushions helps them relax their body parts by providing a healthy cushion all over. Sometimes the pregnant ladies are asked to sleep with their feet elevated to avoid any chances of miscarriage. These specially designed pillows also assist them with the same.

#4. Improves blood circulation and stimulate good sleep

Pregnancy cushions provide full body support to all the parts of body including stomach, neck, legs, shoulders and back. Often pregnant women are prone to develop neck and back pain due to lying in half fetal position while sleeping during night, as this is advised to them by the doctors to promote baby's growth. The ergonomic design of pregnancy pillow helps them release their stress on different parts of their body, thus improving alignment of the hip, shoulder and spine.

This comfortable posture promotes long deep sleep for pregnant women. This is good for both the pregnant lady and her child. Also, these pillows help women to have less painful labors.

#5. Pregnancy cushions help prevent allergies

This can be achieved by replacing your old pillows with new anti-allergic poly-fill pillows. It helps prevents all kinds of allergies that might be caused due to dust and bacteria developed on normal pillows.  It also promotes healthy skin and detains from developing the pores and skin diseases. You should research well before investing into a pregnancy pillow. Although it might be of use for a year or so only, they have lasting effects for expecting mothers.

So now you can search these pillows online and you can find various types of pregnancy pillows there. After comparing their features and price, you can choose the best one for you.

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