Thursday 17 May 2018

9 Ways To Play Golf On The Cheap

It's true that most of the time playing golf can cost you a lot of money, which is why a lot of people don't want to take up this great sport. But the truth is - it's possible to be an avid golfer even though you don't have large amounts of money to spend on it, and here's how:

1. Internet instructions

As good as lessons from a certified instructor will be good for you, it doesn't change the fact that they are expensive. But there is a pretty satisfying alternative - and other sites offer free golf instructions online. There are also numerous articles by top golf instructors available on these sites, which is a good place to start with golf, even without face-to-face instructions.

2. Used clubs

Just as for used cars, there is also the market for used golf clubs; the problem is most golfers don't know about them. They are usually in a very good state, which is all you need. Sites like the Value Guide and offer high quality used golf equipment for a really low price. Also, if you have old golf clubs, you can trade them and lessen the amount of money you will spend on buying your own equipment.

3. Golf cart

Think - do you really need a golf cart? Many of us don't get the chance to walk in nature, so if you finally found time to play golf, and then use that opportunity to get a bit of exercise, too. Walking is one of the best low-intensive exercises, and it will save you some money each time you visit the golf course.

4. Refurbished/recycled golf balls

There are also websites like that offer cheap refurbished and recycled golf balls - you won't really see the difference unless you are a highly skillful golfer. These balls have been recovered from ponds and lakes and there are tens of millions of these balls sold every year.

5. Buy a membership

If you are not particularly choosy about which club to join in, then pay attention to current offers from different clubs. Sometimes it's possible to strike a deal with no monthly credits or dues for a couple of months, and you could also get a waiver of food and beverage minimums.

6. Discounted clothes

The period between October and January is the best time to go buying golf wardrobe, as a lot of shops want to get rid of what's left of spring and summer collection before the next one arrives. Maybe the clothes won't be trendiest there is, but a considerate amount of cash will definitely stay in your pocket.

7. Play wisely

Many golf courses offer twilight fees, meaning that rates are considerably lower after 3 p.m. You won't have any troubles playing in the afternoon, especially during the summer.
Another trick is to avoid 18-hole rounds, no matter how fun they can be, and play nine-hole rounds for a much lower price. There's growing number of facilities offering nine-hole rounds with a discount, so, at least for a while, opt for a shorter play.

8. Golf shoes

Of course, quality golf equipment such as Swing Eagle has its advantages, but if you are a complete beginner, maybe you should wait for just a while until you buy professional equipment. In the meantime, play in your regular shoes if it isn't raining and replace spikes that are worn out instead of getting new ones.

9. Supermarket food

Better than buying food at the course, which can be twice the regular price, buy your food before you go to the course - a sports drink or an energy bar are always cheaper in big supermarkets. After a couple of times, you'll notice the difference.

Bottom line

It's obvious that a couple of clever moves can make a huge impact on the amount of money you spend on playing golf. If you love this sport, no need to deprive yourself of it - learn how not to be a big spender when it comes to golf and you'll be able to play it whenever you find the time.

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