Monday 21 May 2018

Family Fun With Pop The Pig!

Pop the Pig® is an international classic that is adored by literally millions of children. Redesigned in 2013 to make it easier for kids ages 3-6 to play, children can quickly reset the game with one pump of the pig's head and experience consistent belly busting game-play each and every time.

• Pop the Pig provides hours of fun constructive enjoyment and is completely kid powered!
• For added convenience, all pieces can be stored inside the pig.
• For ages 4 and up. 2-6 players.

The kids sit around and giggle as they roll the dice and feed the pig hamburgers, they anticipate him exploding and say it gives them a great "jump scare." Perfect game for any family to enjoy on camping trips, picnics, or just playing at home.

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