Friday 29 June 2018

From Home Office To Corporate Space - Make The Move Work For You

If you work from home, you will have no doubt already got a little home office set up. Whether this is in your spare bedroom or it just takes up a small corner of your living room, I’m sure your home office space is perfect for your needs right now. But what if your small business were to grow and you needed to develop your operations? If you were to expand, you might need to start hiring a small team of employees to help you take your company even further. In this case, you would need to move out of your home office and into a larger corporate space.

Not too sure how to organize such a move? Here are some very useful tips.

Make A Plan

First of all, it is really worth taking the time to come up with a moving plan. You need to have your plan in place before you even get started with your packing. The plan needs to answer all of the tough questions regarding the move, such as how many stages are you wanting to move in? When is a good time for you to move? Will you need any help with it? As well as all of this key information, you should include a checklist of all your belongings and the jobs you need to do so that you don’t forget anything.

Use Moving Services

There are a lot of moving services out there, including, that are experts in moving offices. It’s a good idea to hire one of these companies as they will be able to help you move without all the fuss that usually comes with moving. Plus, they will be used to moving standard office equipment and devices, so you don’t have to worry about them mishandling anything during the move.

Watch Out For Your Documents And Paperwork

If you have any sensitive documents and contracts in your office, you will need to ensure that these are taken care of during the move. You should go through all of this paperwork and see if there are any pieces that are no longer relevant or out of date. If there are, then you should recycle these. Make sure you recycle them in a way that destroys all the information on them, as scammers could find the documents and use them for identity theft. All your remaining paperwork needs to be safely packed and carefully taken care of during transit.

Backup Your Computer

Moving computers is always a delicate job as there is a chance that the machine could be damaged during transit. Depending on the damage, you might lose some of your saved files. So, you should always backup your computer before you move. If possible, you might want to save files onto the cloud using services like the ones mentioned on so that you don’t risk losing any important information or data.

All these tips should help your move go as smoothly as can be!

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