Sunday 10 June 2018

Watermelon Smash Game

You’ve got to use your head for this challenge!  YULU Toys introduces Watermelon Smash, a hilarious twist to the water roulette challenge. Will you end up dry or getting splashed when the watermelon gets smashed on your head?!

Players take turns spinning the spinner to determine their fate. Following the spinners' instructions, players press the watermelon against their head. When the watermelon opens, that player is out of the game AND drenched! If you’re playing inside, watermelon seeds are included for a dry game!  Be sure to record and share the fun using #WatermelonSmashChallenge! 

This is such a great boredum buster for the kids in the hot summer heat! They take turns spinning and smashing the watermelon until they are soaking wet and cackling with laughter! 

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