Monday 11 June 2018

Why do you need Pads after Birth?

Immediately after birth, the body experience changes since there has been a vacuum that is left in the womb where that baby has been lying for nine months.

When the placenta is detached from the body, a wound happens to occur. In the process of healing, some contractions occur in the uterus as the wound heals which cause an overflow of blood which may last up to eight weeks. This blood is known as Lochia which is bright red and it occurs to all women whether you had a normal or a caesarian section delivery.

Depending on your body type, the blood flow may be heavy or light, and therefore it is essential to use pads immediately after birth. This will help to avoid messing yourself and especially at this time when your baby needs to have an extra clean environment. Visitors will also be coming to celebrate with you the incoming of the bundle of joy in the family.

As such you cannot afford to be messy.
There are pads that are used immediately after birth which are well known as the postpartum pads. It’s important to prepare yourself and buy enough of them such that immediately after birth, you do not have to bother people to go and buy for you.

What to look for while buying the postpartum pads:

Every woman has her preference and choice; there are a variety of pads available in the stores and some of the factors that one should look for are;

1. How soft the pads are- First-time mothers who have never experience heavy flow especially the one that comes after birth may have a difficult time getting sores in their private parts. It’s therefore, necessary to choose the soft pads which will offer comfort as much as they may be expensive.
2. Make an early decision whether to buy disposable pads or re-usable- In instances where you heavily bleed, it’s recommended to buy disposables. It will just be a mess cleaning up a lot of blood, and at the end, it may not be hygienically okay.
3. Wings- There are currently good postpartum pads with wings that protect against any leakage and will offer all the comfort you would need.
4. Look for different sizes and buy a variety of them. There are times when the flow become light, and you do not have to use the heavy pads. Include pant liners because as the days go by, the blood flow will completely reduce leaving only dots that do not necessarily need pads.
5. Consider the type- This is because some give normal births while others are stitched after birth. Births like always radiant pads will work perfectly for those who have been stitched since they are soft and light. Though good they are a bit expensive but it’s better to consider such than to have uncomfortable days.

Ensure that before and after changing pads, you wash your hands to protect yourself and the baby against possible infections.
It’s essential to buy postpartum pads which are for use after delivery because they are soft and absorbent for heavy bleeding compared to the normal pads.

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