Sunday 8 July 2018

5 spring cleaning tips everyone can use

It is spring season and with the warmer weather, a lot of us would definitely want to make sure our 
homes are clean and homey. Whether you are planning to hold a small gathering of friends in your 
home or you simply want to make your home as comfortable as possible, you definitely would want 
your home to be in the best state possible. This season, spring cleaning is our number one priority to 
get our houses in tip-top shape. Not only do we do this as some sort of tradition, but also because it 
keeps everything organized, clean, and we get to have a great contribution to the environment.

Here are five spring cleaning tips everyone can use.

1. Clean your mattress.

The spring season means it's time clean your mattress and get any moisture from it. Remove all the 
bedding and with your vacuum cleaner, remove all the dust and dirt that were accumulated. If there 
were any stains, spot clean it with a damp cloth and stain remover. Put a few baking sodas all over the 
mattress and leave it for a few minutes. This will allow the soda to absorb any moisture from it. 
Vacuum the baking soda and you can wash your mattress after that.

2. Hire a cleaning professional.

With our busy schedules, we often find it hard to spend some time to clean our homes. But fret not; 
there's always trustworthy cleaning professionals that can definitely help us achieve a great home. 
Simply Maid is one of the cleaning companies you can tap if you ever need a hand with spring cleaning.
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3. Clean out your rugs.

Rugs are our homes best accessories, especially during springtime. Freshen up your rugs and give it 
a good clean so that you'll have a clean rug to welcome you but you will also have a great smelling 
home. Make sure to remove any debris that has clung to it and for an added boost of scent, look for a 
carpet shampoo that you like and use it to wash your rugs. This will definitely spruce up the smell of 
your home.

4. Clean the refrigerator as well.

Don't forget your fridge! It is best to clean your fridge before doing any grocery shopping. Dispose of 
any items that are already out to date and only keep the ones you need. Wipe down the interior of the 
fridge with a damp cloth and a disinfectant. Defreeze your freezer and wipe it with a disinfectant as well.

5. Remove all dust and dirt on blinds and curtains.

One of the most neglected areas at home is the curtains and blinds in your windows. Make sure that 
you also clean them. Depending on your curtain, you can hand wash or machine-wash it to remove 
dust and dirt. Wipe your blinds with a damp cloth and disinfectant to make it squeaky clean and 

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