Wednesday 15 August 2018

How and Why to Take a Sitz Bath

What is a sitz bath? This is a form of treatment performed by having a sit-in shallow and warm water. This therapy is able to calm all forms of irritations, pain and many problems of the mid-section.       

In case you're unable to fully bathe, this is a great treatment for you to apply because it ensures that the anal area and genital areas are clean.      

Benefits of a Sitz Bath   
Having this type of bath maintains the hygienic conditions needed for your private areas. A sitz bath is vital as it brings muscle relaxation and increases the flow of blood the area of focus in your mid-section.  

There are still other numerous reasons why a sitz bath is advantageous such as:      
  • Relief of menstrual cramps   
  • Relieve pain along the prostate area, especially just after prostatitis   
  • In case of surgery, it helps to relax the anal area   
  • Relieve pain related to an anal fissure   
  • For those with hemorrhoids, a sitz bath helps ease itching and pain    

The Sitz Bath Process   
A sitz bath is achieved through two methods namely:   
  1. Using a bathtub  
  2. Sitting in a sitz bath bowl      

Using a Bathtub     
If you want to perform this therapy through the use of a bathtub, follow these tips:

  • Clean the bathtub before filling it with water.      
  • Top up your washed bathtub with 4 inches of warm water. As per the prescriptions of your physician, add either Epsom salt or medicine.
  • Enter the bottom of your bathtub. 
  • To support yourself, get hold of the rails or use one of your family members to stabilize you.      

When you have a fissure or wound you might experience pain, which should cease in a short while. The most affected area must be deep in the water. You might opt to fold your knees to allow the area affected to reach as much water as possible.      

Sitting in a Sitz Bath Bowl   
This is a kind of container made of plastic normally placed on toilets. To have a sitz bath in this bowl:

  • Have a seat on the uplifted lid of the toilet. With a thoroughly washed bath bowl, put it at the rim of the toilet.       
  • Pour warm water in the sitz bath bowl using a bucket. That water must submerge your perineum. Be cautious of water temperature. With the advice of your health practitioner, add medicine or Epsom salt.      
  • You can also decide to go by the guidelines for filling the bowl. There are kits that are come accompanied with tubing and a plastic bag. This allows the patient to put water only up to the affected region. Other bowls have an overflow hole at the back. This helps keep the floor dry.
  • Carefully sit on your sitz bath bowl. Support yourself on rails or use a family member. 

Regardless of the type of a sitz bath you're using, always use it 2-3 times on a daily basis. It is ok to spend 10-20 minutes in the sitz bath.   

Visit your doctor   
If you experience any of these signs, you need to visit your doctor:   
  • Consistent pain   
  • Worsening symptoms   
  • New symptoms
  • Swelling or leaking of a fluid through a cut 
  • Fever

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