Monday 20 August 2018

Using The Skill Of Research To Improve Finances

Every household wishes they had a little more disposable income. In fact, scratch that, a lot more. There are literally countless ways in which this could be achieved but if we had a choice, we would like to play it safe. And when we think of safe, we think of working overtime, picked up weekend work, doing odd jobs for friends and family etc. This leads to us being overworked and underpaid as none of those kinds of jobs we will do, will be enough. But, have you noticed how that kind of work is almost always physical? It's being somewhere or doing something that nets us the extra cash. What if you could earn a little more, by doing less than you normally do? Using your mental skills to do work that is time-consuming but often very beneficial in many industries and to many companies could be what you’re looking for. Research is something that not only costs companies a lot and drains their resources as well as funds, but it takes patience and they’re willing to pay you for it.

Freelance researcher

In the field of academia, researchers are some of the most revered people. They are at the heart of an issue, where they conduct tests and study various topics pertaining to a particular subject. Companies need these kinds of people to join them, as they can make sense of trends, consumer attitudes, future demands as well as improvements that could be made. Usually, this kind of role is divulged to market analysts, but part-time freelance market researcher jobs are becoming more and more widely in demand. Market analysts have researchers as their subordinates, as they are the brains that make sense of the data, opinions, and statistics collected. But the people who actually do the collecting are the researchers. You can apply for this role online, but expect to go for the assistant roles only if you don’t have experience in the particular industry the role is advertised for. Depending on the tasks you’re given to complete, you can work 10 to 20-hours more per week, with a mixture of home-based work and in-person tasks.

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It looks easy

Being a parent in a household means you’re constantly concerned about the economy. Inflation directly affects the price of everyday stuff we need such as food and clothing. Becoming savvy with economies and currencies could do you a massive favor. Tracking currency movements, you can bet on which one declines in value and which one rises. Watch this video and read the article to better your understanding of financial spread betting. The basic premise is pairing currencies. Your chosen currency, i.e. the base, will be offset against the counter currency which you bet to fall in value. You buy points that the company doing the betting gives out and your successes are multiplied by that number. For example, you buy 3 points at $5 each. If the currency you bet on rises above the counter currency, you make a profit of $15. It's simple and that’s why with a little research, you could continually rake in a pile of cash every week or so.

Being proficient in research is really a skill. Not many people have the patience or the know-how. However, with techniques and clear aim, you could land a great freelance role or cash in on normal currency fluctuations.

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