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25 Days of Self-Care To Treat Yourself During The Holidays

Self-care is often overlooked. Especially this year, as stress and uncertainty has taken over a majority of our lives. Nonetheless, the concept of self-care is extremely important, as it helps encourage maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself and others.  With the holidays coming up, stress seems to consume us even more due to the pressures that accompany the holiday season — travel plans, hosting relatives and finding the perfect gifts for all your friends and family. So this year, gift yourself by filling your December calendar with some holiday self-care ! Below is a list of self-care ideas to get you started so you can nourish yourself for the holidays. Write Yourself a Love Letter An important aspect of self-care is being kind to yourself and practicing self-love, so start by writing yourself a thoughtful love letter. Write down things you love and admire about yourself, no matter how big or small they might be. If you are in need of a place to begin, check out this prin

Great Gifts For Dinosaur Lovers

The holidays are right around the corner and it’s time to start thinking of gifts that do more then just sit in a toy box collecting dust. With stikbots you nurture creativity and spark the animator within every child!  The birds are flying away, every Stikdino is running away, and trees continue to fall one by one… What could be coming this way? Is it a StikTRex? Is it a StikCarnotaurus? Is it a harmless StikBrontosaurus? With the  Stikbot Mega Dinos  you get to tell the story!  With tons of  Stikbot Dino Eggs  to collect you can play everyday with a new dinosaur! The Stiktriceratops, Stikstegosarus, Stikpachycephalosaurus, and Stikparasaurolophus live in harmony while the Stikdilophosaurus, Stikpterodactyl and Stikvelociraptors roam the land looking for their next meal. Will the herbivores be able to team up and stop the carnivores? As the director, it’ll be up to you! 

3 Tips to keeping your photography safe

Photographs are very important pieces of your life that need to be clearly recorded for future use. Most of your most memorable and worst moments can be captured in images that you can revisit and see to get a glimpse of past events. This means that your photos should be well stored in a safe place so that you will always be able to refer to them. Phones and cameras capture photos, but these are gadgets that can easily get lost, stolen or damaged and you will end up losing any photos stored in them. Whether the photos are for personal or professional use they need to be stored in a safe place. You have to find a backup plan and a better and safer way of storing your photos. Here are 3 tips for keeping your photography safe that will ensure that you always have them when you need them. Use an external hard drive An external drive is a great way to keep your photos with folders of different events and dates marked for future reference. Even with a computer or laptop, these electronic

Why Recess is More Important Than Homework

If you’ve got kids in school — from elementary all the way up to high school — homework is part of life. It can also be one of the hardest parts of the day. After six hours in the classroom, the last thing most of our kids want to do is more work — and we can’t really blame them. We don’t want to take work home with us, right?  Why should we expect our kids to do the same? We say forget homework — recess is where it’s at. We’re not just parents who don’t want to deal with the hassle of the daily homework fight — though that is a perk. There is actually science that backs us up on this. Why should schools ditch homework in favor of recess? Recess Makes Them Smarter We’re sending our kids to school to make them smarter, so why are we letting public schools get rid of recess when it can help make them smarter ? Research has shown kids who get time to play during the day are less fidgety, more on task during class, learn a lot of skills like leadership and problem-so

Cool 80's Board Games Making a Comeback!

The holidays are coming up super fast! It is time to start planning and buying some gifts for friends and families to show how much you care! Board games are gaining ground and making comebacks creating more family time away from screens! Mastermind and Hydro Strike charmed families in the 80’s and are back once again for more family fun! Pressman strongly believes in the power of play, as families who play together, stay together. That’s why two timeless favorites are back with a new look and feel. Parents will reflect on fond memories and be delighted as they have the chance to introduce these classics to their children.  Hydro Strike! Get ready to make a splash with Hydro Strike! In this head-to-head pinball game, you’ll need fast flipping fingers to shoot the ball into your opponent’s goal.  Score and your opponent will get sprayed in the face with water!  Since a sprayer is

The coolest games for kids!

Get ready for fun that is out-of-this-world with Pop Rocket ! Pull the string on the Rocket to start the countdown, and roll the die. Move your color star catchers to where you think the little stars will land, but keep an eye on that Rocket because it’s only a few seconds until BLAST OFF! Watch the stars explode into the sky and land in your star catchers. Be the first one to collect enough stars to fill your constellation to win! For 2-4 players, ages 4 and up. Game Contents: 1 Rocket 1 Big Star 40 Small Stars 12 Star-Catchers (4 Colored Sets of 3 Star-Catchers) 4 Constellations 1 Die Complete Instructions Get ready for fun of Tyrannosaurus proportions with Domino Junior Friends “Deluxe”! The easy-to-use domino spacer tool simplifies set up, and the stunt dominos have been re-engineered to make setting up easier for little hands. Add in your dino friends to create cool chain reaction stunts! Includes 100 dominos and 3 Dino stunts, providing endless fun

Chamilia Blush SnowFlake 2018 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deal

You know it's the most wonderful time of the year when the  Chamilia Blush Oval Snap Bracelet  and  Chamilia Blush Snowflake Charm  come together for a deal available on  Black Friday/Cyber   Monday 2018 ! The set features a lovely snowflake charm in Chamilia Blush, pavéd with marquise and round Swarovski Pure Brilliance Zirconia, presented on the newly released Chamilia Blush Oval Snap Bracelet (7.5”) $99 US / $120 CAN.  About Chamilia Jewelery   Based in Cranston, RI, Chamilia is an American company that was established in 2002. Since its purchase in 2013, it has been owned in full by Swarovski, a world leader in quality and innovation. Each of the more than 400 exclusive charms and wide selection of fine jewelry available from the brand are made from .925 sterling silver or 14 karat gold and feature genuine Swarovski Crystals or Zirconia, or Italian Murano Glass. The brand follows strict Swarovski guidelines for quality and aesthetic excellence.

Find inspiration in flora and fauna with two new books from Walter Foster Publishing!

Illustration Studio: Inking Animals from artist Sova Huova contains instruction on a variety of inking styles and methods for whimsical animal projects (including unicorns!), so artists of all skill levels can discover something new. Talented artist Sova Huova instructs art enthusiasts in drawing, inking, and coloring techniques; explores abstraction for expressive artwork; and gives tips for digital touches—all with easy-to-follow instruction . Beginning with an introduction to tools and materials, artists will find helpful tips for working with inks, pens, and watercolor. Inking Animals features a wide range of creative and fun inking techniques and unique projects that are simple and engaging. Huova’s valuable tips and tricks , creative prompts , and exercises will encourage artists to experiment and play as they learn. Huova will teach you to  illustrate a vast menagerie of animals from the woodland, home, farm, wilderness, and imagination. Among them are

How Heavy Is Your Child’s Backpack?

When kids carry more than 10% of their body weight, discomfort can occur Schools are in session across the U.S. and millions of backpack-carrying students are settling into new routines – some of which include bringing the same items home each afternoon. Think the books and school supplies that your child is carrying in a backpack slung haphazardly across one shoulder are harmless? Think again. Heavy loads can cause discomfort and strain muscles in people of all ages. The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) recommends that backpacks weigh no more than 10 percent of the student’s body weight. Making small adjustments to the items students are carrying can go a long way to lessen the load. “Practicing safe carrying techniques such as only carrying necessary items to and from school, or filling an empty water bottle at school rather than carrying a heavier filled one, can make a difference,” says Karen Jacobs, EdD, OTR/L, CPE, clinical professor of

Tips for Using Hand Embroidery Kits for Quilting

The usual quilting is done by attaching multiple layers of fabrics together, which can transform into a masterpiece with beautiful embroideries. Although now the complicated embroideries can be done with the help of the embroidering machine, the craze for original hand embroidery is still high. Thus, people interested in quilting need to know certain techniques of using the hand embroidery kits  that has made the art of quilting much more attractive for many. The functionality of these kits entirely depends on how well you can use the machine and is aware of the craft. Few Techniques of Using Hand Embroidery Kits on Quilted Products are as Follows: §  First of all, the fabrics that you plan to use for quilting and embroidery should be washed thoroughly with water at room temperature before the embroideries are done. This step is crucial, or the cloth may shrink, and the embroidery may be distorted. However, the use of high-quality fabrics and best hand embroidery kits

I want to keep my breasts. Screening options for high-risk women who don’t want prophylactic mastectomy.

Angelina Jolie. Christina Applegate.  These two Hollywood superstars have something in common that millions upon millions of other women also share: Having been labeled HIGH-RISK for breast cancer, they opted to have both of their breasts removed preventatively. If faced with the same dilemma, what would you  do? Chances are, your gut reaction would be, “take ‘em both off.”  That’s a completely understandable thought if you know that many women in your family have had breast cancer and your doctor’s analysis based on family and medical history places your risk level squarely above 20%.  Knowing there’s a high likelihood you will develop breast cancer can be scary and overwhelming. Preventative surgery -- otherwise known as prophylactic mastectomy -- can seem like a reassuring solution. Yet the decision to go ahead with such a major procedure is far from easy. As I show in my novel, Bedside Manners , these decisions can be costly. Removing both breasts is both phy